White Genocide in Bible Prophecy

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hello my name is chaplain Bob Walker
I'm a volunteer which means I don't get paid
so just remember something you get what
you pay for in this life right now
please understand something I'm not
going to ask for money I don't have any
books to sell.
jesus said freely ye have received
freely give and that's what I do so you
know I'm not making any money so I've
got no reason to lie to anybody I don't
want you to follow me unless of course
I'm leading you to Jesus now I'm gonna
assume that most the people listening to
this are have been exposed to
Christianity maybe you're not Christians
but white genocide is foretold in the
Bible believe it or not it is and
churches for the most part are creations
of the state they're tax exempt
corporations which means they're a
business they're chartered by the states
that they're in under IRS Rule 501 C 3
so they're gonna teach the doctrines of
the state not necessarily the Bible
basically they're Jesus flavored
now please understand
something the largest publisher of
religious books in the english-speaking
world is a company called Zondervan and
they are a division of HarperCollins
now Zondervan is the largest printer of
Bibles in the english-speaking world bar
so they print quite a number of
different Bibles but they're interned
owned by company called HarperCollins
HarperCollins Prince gay porn.
gee isn't
that a coincidence the largest publisher
of Bibles prints gay is owned by a
company that prints gay porn they print
the The Satanic Bible by the Church of
Satan which was authored by a Jewish guy
Anton Levy they he changed his name to
Lavay. which isn't earned owned by the
News Corporation and perhaps you've
never heard of the News Corporation but
you probably watched their TV channel
it's called Fox Fox News Fox Sports it's
all the same company
it's the News Corporation perhaps you've
heard of Rupert Murdoch I don't think
he's in power anymore I think he let his
children take over the News Corporation
but it you know so Fox TV parent company
Prints  gay porn and The Satanic Bible
and Bibles and books that are supposedly
Christian and of course Rupert Murdoch
if you if you look hard enough you'll
find out his family was Jewish.
now let
me let you know a little secret Jews do
not believe that Jesus is the Messiah
they don't believe he's the Christ so
let's get that out of the way right up
front now there was an article by a guy
named Joel Stein in the LA I forget that
it was an LA newspaper I don't remember
the LA Times look up Joel Stein and then
right who runs Hollywood
see kama mo n come on and you'll read
about how Hollywood is so Jewish that if
you got rid of all the Jewish people
there wouldn't be any movie studios left
I mean they brag about it so with that
in mind let's read what Jesus had to say
in Revelation chapter 2 and verse 9 he
says I know the blasphemy of those who
say they are Jews and are not but are
the synagogue of Satan now why in the
world would a Jewish business owner like
Rupert Murdoch print the Satanic Bible
synagogue of Satan right what does all
this got to do with white genocide well
let me think about this what countries
of the world have traditionally accepted
Christianity and printed the Bibles and
built churches in honor of Jesus yes I
know the Catholic Church is corrupted
matter of fact the Protestant churches
are pretty corrupted too when you get
right down to it but was it Latin
America South America no the American
Indians no they never heard of Jesus
until white missionaries came to thee
what is now the United States and told
him about Jesus same thing with South
how about central Africa black Africa no
I mean they never heard of the name
Jesus until dr. Livingstone I think he
was the first
famous recorded missionary to go down to
Africa what about China India Japan no
Christianity is almost unheard of in the
Asian nations and let's face it India -
India has over according to some over 1
million different gods plural gods
plural G OD s plural they worship rats
and snakes and cows you ever heard the
saying holy cow
well that's Hinduism that's India now
let's face it Christianity has only
flourished in white countries Europe
United States Australia I mean you know
you think about it name a non-white
country where Christianity is flourished
I mean you can argue you know like
Mexico is you know Catholic but if
that's not Bible Christianity I mean it
sometimes it kind of sort of kind of
looks like it but you know they it's
just it's beyond the scope of this study
ok but Bible Christianity has only
flourished among the white countries and
let's face it did God make a mistake
when he put the blacks in Africa the
Asians in Asia and the Europeans the
whites in Europe did God make a mistake
that the world government people those
that promote world government that we
have to mix everybody up do you know the
Bible teaches separation and segregation
you know hear that in the churches do
you because guess what their creations
of the state and they will do everything
they can to explain away everything that
I'm going to show you in this Bible
lesson on white genocide in Bible
prophecy so let's take a look now I hope
you'll stay with me for the whole study
I don't know how long this study is
gonna be but it's gonna take a while I'm
gonna have to go through a series of
steps and show you that whites are the
people of the book the Bible you know
and let's face it
Hollywood is extremely those that they
call themselves Jews but what does
Hollywood promote even if they say well
we don't believe in the old New
Testament so-called that's their saying
and they say oh well we believe in the
Old Testament well if they did how come
their movies don't reflect that I mean
let's face it Hollywood is all about
sex violence and drugs and witchcraft I
mean if it's not about sex and violence
it's witchcraft and sometimes it's all
everything I mean just turn on the TV
and I mean that's what they've been
pushing so let's take a look at what the
Bible has to say on this subject and if
you stay with me I'll prove it to you by
the time I get to the end
in Revelation chapter 1 and verse 14
John who penned the book of Revelation
under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
wrote what he saw what Jesus looked like
and this is what he writes and if you
have a King James Bible I suggest you
use it the King James Bible is banned by
the Catholic Church they are absolutely
positively not allowed to use a King
James Bible they call it a Protestant
Bible but the Greek church the New
Testament was written in Greek and oh by
the way the Greeks were white did you
know that take take a look at all those
Greek statues you could Google Google
image use google images and take a look
at greek statues look at the hair and
the nose I mean those doesn't they look
like white people I mean you know they
don't they don't look like Asians they
don't look like black Africans they're
white but the New Testament was written
in Greek and the Greek Church gave us
the Bible not the Catholics and the King
James Bible comes from the Greek
manuscripts and by the way a lot of
Greeks have got blonde hair and blue
so in Revelation 1:14 it says speaking
of what John saw what Jesus looks like
his head and his hairs were white like
wool no black sheep there right his head
and his hairs were white like wool as
white as snow and his eyes were as a
flame of fire there was a guy named
strong I think it James
strong I don't know if he was strong but
that was his name
he did a Greek and Hebrew lexicon which
is basically a Greek and Hebrew word
dictionary of Bible words the ones that
were printed in the 70s and 80s are not
even the same as the ones that they're
printing today when you look at a new
Strong's Hebrew dictionary and look up
the word Adam as an Adam and Eve
it's his Adam the first man okay but in
mine that was from the era from the 80s
mine was a racial description Adam was a
racial description it comes from the
Strongs Hebrew word awdawm adam hebrew
word number 119 in the Strong's it meant
to be able to show blood in the face
ie flush to turn rosy to be dyed made
red or ruddy are you ddy to be able to
blush now I got a question for you what
race can blush used to be a time if you
told a filthy joke to a white person
that their face would turn red
that's blushing you ever seen women put
Rouge or blush on their flight their
cheeks nice reddish healthy colored
cheeks well there you go
Hebrew word 1:20 autumn from 119 it
means ruddy now we're gonna get back to
ruddy now there was a guy his name was
David he was to become the future king
of Israel he was a direct descendant of
Jesus who I say is the Christ they
Jesus was called the son of David so
here it is David is getting ready to
face Goliath
the giant in First Samuel chapter 17 and
verse 42 and we read and when Goliath
and when the Philistine looked about and
saw David he disdained him for he was
but a youth and ruddy and of a fair
countenance fair countenance do you know
a synonym a word that means the same
thing of countenances complexion he
disdained him for he was but a youth and
ruddy and of a fair countenance or
complexion you want to look up
countenance look up Webster's 1828
dictionary you can look it up online you
could buy a hardback copy of the book -
it's like 80 bucks
you know you've heard of Webster's
dictionary well the 1828 was the
original Webster's dictionary this guy
spoke over 20 different languages
fluently this guy was a genius he knew
Greek which was the New Testament
language he knew Hebrew which was the
Old Testament language he knew Latin he
knew Spanish Italian German French and a
lot of these languages is where English
comes from I mean Latin approximately
20% of the English language derives from
Latin so what is ruddy mean it means
having a healthy reddish color a ruddy
complexion ie rosy red blush just like
the Irish are ruddy
hmm okay so since David was a relative
Jesus and when you look in revelation
one says Jesus his head and his hair
were as white as wool as white as snow
huh so let's take a look in the Bible
book the Song of Solomon chapter 5 and
verse 10 now the Song of Solomon is
basically a love story and it's supposed
to be symbolic of God's love for his
bride his woman Israel and I'll let you
hold secret if Adam was white what do
you think his children were now there's
people it'll tell you that Adam and Eve
were multiracial bla bla bla and they
had they had a black baby and a white
baby and a yellow baby and a red baby
and a purple and pink and polka-dotted
baby but that sounds more like evolution
than it does Bible truth you know if you
have two white people and a baby comes
out black there's a good chance your
wife was you know something in a wood
shed if you catch my drift
so all right so let's take a look at the
Song of Solomon 5:10 it says my beloved
is white and ruddy the chiefest among
ten thousand my beloved is white and
ruddy ha so are you starting to get the
idea of why they hate white people
Christians now remember the news media
is over 95 percent owned by people
that don't like Jesus people with names
like Joel Stein let's take a look at the
lamentations of Jeremiah it's a Bible
book lamentations 4 and verse 7 now
remember Jesus was called a Nazarene so
here it is lamentations 4 7 her
Nazarites were purer than snow
they were whiter than milk
you know milks white until you put
Hershey's chocolate into it you know
what I mean
her Nazarites were purer than snow they
were whiter than milk they were more
ruddy in body than rubies what colors
rubies red so ruddy means red they were
more ruddy and body than rubies they're
polishing was of sapphire so if Adam was
a white man then weren't the Hebrews
white so why do they want all this
unlimited third-world non-white
immigration into the United States and
Europe I mean you know let's face it who
printed the Bible and built the churches
not Africa not Asia but it was Europe
and the USA now there are people that
will tell you oh well you know it
doesn't matter we're all of the same
race well let's take a look at some
Bible verses now when you go to the
churches they will you got to remember
most churches are businesses their
churches they're a business with the
name Church
you know Federal Express are they part
of the federal government
no but they got the word federal in
their name you know so just because some
a business has got the name Church in it
that doesn't mean it's really a church
and besides a church is not a business a
church is not a building you don't go to
church you are the church where tour
jesus said where two or three are
gathered together in my name there am i
among them so if you got two or three
people under a tree reading from the
Word of God reading the words of Christ
that's church you are the church a
church isn't a business that passes
around a collection plate because you're
customers you're not you're not a
congregation your customers so what does
the Bible say about we're all the same
and you know you marry whoever you want
well churches don't want you reading the
Old Testament they don't want you
reading the book of Genesis because
it'll confuse you yeah it's gonna
confuse you alright because the church
is telling you one thing but the Bible
says the opposite and I prefer to
believe what the Bible says not the ones
printed by the publishers of the Satanic
Bible and the Church of Satan oh by the
way HarperCollins sells a book called
the joy of gay sex and it's written by a
Silverman yeah he's he's kosher alright
now you know the Old Testament has a lot
to say about sodomy and none of its good
matter of fact a command sodomy to be
sodomites to be put to death
how come Hollywood doesn't promote that
hmm synagogue of Satan so what does the
Bible say about mixed marriages now
remember Adam and Eve Adam means ruddy
white okay
let's face it Negros cannot blush
American Indians are ruddy but they
don't blush can brown Mexicans blush not
to my knowledge the only other there's
only two races at blush the whites and
Asians can turn flush for example when
they drink but you know they're not
white as wool as white as snow so what
does the Bible say about mixed marriages
Genesis 28 verse 1 now remember if it
was Adam and Eve and they had children
and they were both white you better
believe that their children are gonna be
white unless there's a something in the
woodshed like I mentioned and let's face
it the Bible is the book of Adam and
there was a line through Noah through
Abraham through Isaac and Jacob and
Jacobs name was changed to Israel so
we're talking about the Hebrews here
we're not necessarily talking about the
people over in the Middle East that call
themselves Israelis I mean I know the
churches will tell you that they're the
heap they're the people the Bible but I
don't believe that they're the ones
behind the immigration of the white
countries with non-whites
all right Genesis 21 and
called Jacob and blessed him and charged
him and said unto him thou shalt not not
thou shalt not take a wife of the
daughters of Canaan there's people
they'll tell you oh well that's because
the all the Cain and all the daughters
of Canaan were evil well yeah that's
true but all of them all of them or was
there a racial aspect here Genesis 28
verse 6 and ISA saw that Isaac had
blessed Jacob and sent him away to pad
or nanum to take him a wife from thence
and that he and that as he blessed him
he gave him a charge saying thou shalt
not take a wife of the daughters of
Canaan Genesis 24 3 and I will make thee
swear by the Lord the God of heaven and
the god of the earth that thou shalt not
take a wife unto my son of the daughters
of the Canaanites among whom I dwell
Wow that doesn't sound good does it so
why are these people in Hollywood and
try and trying to get our politicians to
force all this third world immigration
on us hoping that we'll all mix you know
mixed-race people well there's a book in
the Bible called Ezra and your average
Church you could go to church for 20
years and you never hear what I'm
getting ready to read to you make it 30
years make it your whole life they will
not touch this with a proverbial
ten-foot theological pole because after
all this goes against the state and its
rules and regulations and they don't
want to lose her tax-exempt status
because their corporation chartered by
the state and you know what prior to
1964 many states had prohibitions it was
actually illegal against state law for
whites to marry non-whites specifically
it was more geared towards blacks I mean
yeah there were whites that married
Indians and there were blacks
I mean whites that married Hispanics but
generally there that was the purpose of
the marriage license believe it or not
was so that the state could inspect the
couple and make sure that there was no
interracial marriages and if you don't
believe me look it up the civil rights
movement now we're the back then back
you're talking like the late 50s early
60s these laws were on the books
so let me ask you questions where the
state's a bunch of racists after all did
they perform gay marriages back then no
did they was abortion legal back then no
did they have Bible reading in public
schools back then yes just like they had
for 200 years prior
so were these a bunch of racists or were
these a bunch of people that knew the
Bible a lot better than they do now you
know something you've got to understand
there's a reason why they want abortion
why they want gay marriage why they want
to promote sodomy and and interracial
marriages because they know that if
America sins enough as a nation that God
is gonna just stand back and say Satan
you want to wipe out and destroy America
you go right ahead I don't care these
people dishonor me and I don't care what
you do to them and if you don't believe
me read the book of Judges read the Book
of Jeremiah read the book of Isaiah read
the book of read Ezekiel especially read
judges you know Israel and you know if
you think Israel's those is the people
that were in the Middle East you got a
problem there but but when God's people
we're doing evil God let the enemy be in
charge of them and they oppress them and
and made them slaves and and treated
them horribly and then the people
repented of their wicked ways and
acknowledged the God
Abraham Isaac and Jacob the god of bite
of the Bible and then God delivered him
there's a reason why they want you and
the country to sin now maybe I'm an
American and whether you're from the EU
or the UK or the USS a God doesn't
change so let's read what the Bible says
about mixed marriages ezra was the
priest when Israel came out of captivity
from Babylon God was matter of fact God
let his chosen people Judah go into
captivity you can read about that in
Jeremiah you can read about that in the
Book of Daniel but the book of Ezra is
when they returned back to the land
after their 70 years of captivity and
the reason God let him go into captivity
was because he was mad he was angry he's
like you guys don't want to
you guys want to serve Satan fine I'm
gonna let you I'm gonna let Satan have
you and you can worship Him all you want
so guess what
Nebuchadnezzar Babylon Ezra chapter 9
verse 1 now when these things were done
the princess came to me saying the
people of Israel and the priests and
Levites have not separated themselves
have not separated themselves from the
people of the lands ooh separated do you
know what separation means segregation
it means to be separate it means to live
among your own people that would be
racist today that's though that's racist
well you think you're you're a white
supremacist you're a Nazi you're evil
whitey you know the people of Israel and
the priests and levites have none
not separated themselves from the people
of the lands doing according to their
abominations even of the Canaanites
remember we just read where Isaac didn't
want Jacob Israel to have a Canaanite
wife oh yeah
the people of Israel the priests and
levites have not separated themselves
from the people of the lands doing
according to their abominations even of
the Canaanites the Hittites the
parasites the Jebusites the ammonites
the Moabites the Egyptians and the
amorite s' listen carefully for they
have taken of their daughters for
themselves and for their sons so that
the holy seed have mingle themselves
with the people of those lands yay the
hand of the princes and rulers have been
chief in this trespass and when I heard
this thing I rent my garment and my
mantle and plucked off the hair of my
head and have my beard and sat down
astonied do you know what seed means a
man has seed matter of fact if you look
in the Greek word for seed in the New
Testament it's the word sperma take the
a off of the end of it you'll have sperm
it means seed do you know what seed is
yeah for they have taken of their
daughters for themselves and for their
sons so that the holy seed the holy seed
have mingled themselves with the people
of those lands now if there's a holy
seed doesn't it stand a reason that
there's an unholy seed you know in
Genesis 6 when you're talking about the
flood of noah there were giants in the
land and a lot of people don't know it
but every time somebody finds a a giant
skeleton the smithsonian institute will
come with a lot of money and and and and
buy this thing and then they never show
it you know every major culture in the
world has a story myth legend whatever
you want to call it about giants
Hercules Thor isn't it funny
Hollywood deifies Hercules and Thor and
what was Thor he was son of Odin a God
who came down to earth and intermarried
with a woman a human woman who's urk
ulee's the son of Zeus a God who came
down and married a mortal woman
how come Hollywood doesn't glorify
Samson's in the Bible Hercules is not
but the thing is when David faced the
Goliath the giant he was a Philistine a
Philistine was one of the tribes of the
Canaanites evidently not all the
Canaanites were giants but the
Philistines were giants but every
culture in the world has stories you've
heard Jack in the Beanstalk fee fie foe
fum I smell the blood of an Englishman
you know the giant wanting to kill Jack
and eating you ever heard of orcs oor
see they were famous for capturing human
women and breeding with them
what about Cyclops that was from my
think Greek mythology you had the Titans
right and
what was the other one Titans and I
don't know but every culture in the
world has legends about Giants and the
Bible talks about them they were when
the Fallen Angels came down to earth and
intermarried with the humans and but
that's a whole nother thing I've got an
entire playlist on my youtube channel on
the sons of God that proves this
everything of course 90 some percent of
your preachers will say oh that's
impossible and they'll quote a Bible
verse that says well you know when we're
resurrected we're gonna be like the
angels but they leave out the last two
words yeah we're gonna be like the
angels Jesus said we're gonna be like
the angels in heaven be like the angels
in heaven it's funny jesus said that he
beheld Satan as lightning fall from
heaven not all the angels are in heaven
alright so and Ezra 9 they intermarried
the holy seed mingled with the unholy
seed now God hates divorce but in Ezra
chapter 10 there was a solution to this
these this mingled seed Ezra Chen
chapter 10 verse 1 now when Ezra had
prayed and when he had confessed weeping
and casting himself down before the
house of God they're assembled under him
out of Israel a very great congregation
of men and women and children for the
people wept very sore and section I of
the son of G heal one of the sons of
Elam answered and said unto Israel we
have trust passed against our God and
have taken strange wives and have taken
strange wives of the people of the land
yet now there is hope in Israel
concerning this thing now therefore let
us make a covenant with our guy
to put away all the wives put away
divorce separate yourselves segregation
oh that's racist these are a bunch of
white supremists and Nazis how dare they
think they're better than those strange
wives that's what the media would be
saying right verse 3 now therefore let
us make a covenant with our God to put
away put away put away all the wives and
such as are born of them according to
the counsel of my Lord and of those that
tremble at the commandments of our God
and let it be done according to the law
they separated themselves and they
divorced their strange wives and they
cast out their strange wives and the
strange children the holy seed was to be
separate are you starting to get the
idea of white genocide alright let's go
to the New Testament let's go to the
John book of John the Gospel of John
chapter 10 we're gonna start in verse 1
now let's face it when you read the New
Testament there was a group of people
that opposed Jesus at every turn matter
of fact the churches call them God's
chosen people so you know they'll tell
you it was the Romans but the Romans
didn't care about Jesus you know as long
as he didn't try to instigate the people
to bring a sword and and fight against
Rome they didn't care about Jesus I'm
sure they had spies following him
listening to him but you know
there was a group of people that opposed
Jesus and we're gonna find out who they
are John chapter 10 verse 1 Jesus
speaking verily verily I say unto you he
that entereth not by the door into the
sheepfold but climbeth up some other way
the same as a thief and a robber see
when you you got to go in by the door
now you tried climbing over the wall
you're a thief and a robber that's you
know verse 2 but he that entereth in by
the door is the Shepherd of the sheep to
him the porter openeth and the sheep and
the sheep hear his voice do you hear the
Shepherd's voice and he calleth his own
sheep by name and leadeth them out and
when he putteth forth his own sheep he
goeth before them and the Sheep follow
him for they know his voice and a
stranger they will not follow but will
flee from him for they know not the
voice of strangers this parable spake
Jesus unto them but they understood not
what things they were which he spake
unto them then said Jesus unto them
again verily verily I say unto you I am
the door of the Sheep
all that ever came before me are thieves
and robbers but the Sheep did not hear
them I am the door By Me If any man
enter in he shall be saved and shall go
in and out and find pasture the thief
cometh not but for to steal and to kill
and to destroy I am come that they might
have life and that they might have it
more abundantly I am The Good Shepherd
the Good Shepherd giveth his life for
the Sheep
did you know that the good shepherd gave
his life for you the Sheep verse 12 but
he that isn't hiring and not the
shepherd whose own the sheep or not see
if the wolf coming and leave if the
sheep and flee off' and the wolf
catcheth them and scatter the sheep the
hiring fliest because he isn't hireling
and careth not for the sheep I am The
Good Shepherd and know my sheep and am
known of mine as a father knoweth me
even so know I the father and I lay down
my life for the Sheep and other sheep I
have which are not of this fold them
also I must bring and they shall hear my
voice and there shall be one fold and
one Shepherd yeah you better believe
there's not going to be 666 different
Bible demon nominations
I mean denominations in heaven there's
not gonna be a Pentecostal and a Baptist
and a Methodists and a Lutheran and a
Catholic uh-uh it's you're gonna be one
fold one Shepherd one sheep fold verse
17 I'm sorry and they shall hear my
voice and there shall be one fold and
one Shepherd therefore doth my father
love me because I lay down my life that
I might take it again no man taketh it
from me but I lay it down of myself I
have power to lay it down and I have
power to take it again this commandment
have I received of my father
verse 19 there was a division therefore
again among the Jews for these sayings
ah there was a division therefore again
among the Jews
these sayings and many of them said he
happened devil in his mad why here he
him in other words he's demon-possessed
he's crazy why in the world are you
listening to him that's the modern Bob
translation verse 21 others said these
are not the words of him that half a
devil can a devil open the eyes of the
blind and it was at Jerusalem the Feast
of the dedication and it was winter so
this is Hanukkah and Jesus walked in the
temple in Solomon's porch listen
carefully then came the Romans round
about him know then came the Jews round
about him you know the people the
descendants of the people that own the
news media new European Union UK in the
United States you know the people that
oppose Jesus then came the Jews round
about him and said unto Him so here it
is the Jews around Jesus and I said unto
Him how long does that make us to doubt
if thou be the Christ tell us plainly so
here it is the Jews go around Jesus and
they say how long does that make us to
doubt if thou be the Christ tell us
plainly jesus answered them I told you I
told you and ye believe not the works
that I do in my father's name they bear
witness of me but ye believe not because
ye are not of my sheep but ye believe
not because ye are not of my sheep as I
said unto you my sheep hear my voice and
I know them and they follow me and I
give unto them eternal life and they
shall never
perish neither shall any man pluck them
out of my hand my father which gave them
me is greater than all and no man is
able to pluck them out of my father's
hand I am my father are one now who did
Jesus tell his people were to go in
Matthew chapter 10 Matthew chapter 10
verse 5 these twelve Jesus sent forth
and commanded them saying go not into
the way of the Gentiles and into any
city of the Samaritans enter ye not but
go rather to the lost sheep of the house
of Israel do you know Jesus told the
disciples to go to the lost sheep of a
house of Israel and where did they go
well Paul Paul went to northern Africa
Paul went to Greece Paul went to Rome
Paul went to Tarshish which was Spain
that's an ancient name for Spain
Tarshish he went to mostly Europe
I mean Greece is part of well it's
considered Asia Minor but they're part
Greece is part of the European Union I
mean if you go to well let's say 50
years ago if you went to Greece you'd be
looking at a lot of blond-haired
blue-eyed people of course you go there
today and it's full of Africans and
Muslims and everything else and just
like your Europe so all right let's take
a look at chap Matthew chapter 15
verse 24 Jesus said I am NOT sent but
unto the lost sheep of the house of
Israel do you know the Bible from Adam
to Noah to Shem to Abraham Isaac and
Jacob who became Israel God made his
covenant with Abraham and Isaac and
Jacob Israel people that tell you that
God made its covenant with the whole
world he didn't make his he didn't make
his covenant with the Canaanites or the
Hittites or the Amer rights or the
Philistines the Bible is an exclusive
covenant guess what I think the white
Europeans are our Israel let's take a
look at Galatians chapter 3 and verse 29
well we'll read more than that but all
right let's read Galatians chapter 3
we're going to start verse 16 now to
Abraham and his seed okay Abraham was
not an apple tree so he didn't have
apples with seeds okay I mean we're
talking about children now to Abraham
and his seed were the promises made not
the whole world no Abraham God made his
covenant with Abraham now to Abraham and
his seed where the promises made he
saith not and to seeds plural as of many
but as of one and to thy seed which is
Christ and this I say that the covenant
that was confirmed before of God in
Christ the law which was four hundred
and thirty years after cannot dissin all
that it should make the promise of none
if the inheritance be of the law it is
no more of promise but God gave it to
Abraham by promise wherefore then
serveth the law it was added because of
transgressions till the seed should come
to whom the promise was made and it was
ordained by angels in the hand of a
mediator do you know what a mediator is
oh here in Florida if you've got a
husband and wife that are getting
divorced for whatever reason before you
can get a divorce you have to go see a
mediator and what the mediator does is
gets what the husband and the wife and
tries to work out the differences as a
neutral third party at least it's like
that in theory well what is Christ
christ is our mediator before God the
Father who's the judge who when we are
going before a court of law and gods the
Father is the judge we've got a mediator
we've got Christ he is our defense
attorney so to speak how would you like
to have how would you like to be on
trial a criminal trial where your your
your gonna be sentenced to death if
you're found guilty and you appear
before the judge but your defense
attorneys the judges son pretty good
deal huh wherefore then serveth the wall
it was added because of transgressions
till the seed should come to whom the
promise was made and it was ordained by
angels in the hand of a mediator now a
mediator is not a mediator of one but
God is one is the law then against the
promises of God god forbid for if there
had been a law given which could have
given life verily righteousness should
have been by the law
you see our righteousness it can't come
by the law I mean let's face it when you
were 5 years old did you steal a 1/4 off
your somebody's dresser or something you
know over at a friend's house or your
parents or whatever you know if you sin
once you're guilty it doesn't matter if
you sinned once or a hundred times
you're guilty period our righteousness
is not by the law verse 22 but the
scripture hath concluded all under sin
that's that's me that the promise by
faith of Jesus Christ might be given to
them that believe that's you but before
faith came we were kept under the law
shut up unto the faith which should
afterwards be revealed wherefore the law
was our schoolmaster to bring us unto
Christ see the law is just to show you
that you're a sinner in need of a savior
the Jews haven't figured that one out
yet but give them time you know two
thousand almost two thousand years
they're still looking for their Messiah
wherefore the law was our schoolmaster
to bring us unto Christ that we might be
justified by faith but after that faith
has come we are no longer under a
schoolmaster for ye are all the children
of God by faith in Christ Jesus for as
many of you as have been baptized into
Christ have put on Christ there is
neither Jew nor Greek there is neither
bond nor free there is neither male nor
female for ye are all one in Christ
Jesus and if he be Christ's then are ye
Abraham's seed and heirs according to
the promise did you know that if you
belong to Christ you are
Abraham's seed or his children and heirs
according the promise the Churchill's
will say oh no no no no no spiritual
seed where does it say spiritual in
there anywhere no it says if your Christ
you're Abraham's seed and heirs
according the promise what promise let's
take a look all right so what promise
are we talking about here with Abram
Abraham Genesis chapter 17 verse 1 and
when Abram was nine years old nine the
Lord appeared to Abram and said unto him
I am the Almighty God walk before me and
be thou perfect and I will make my
covenant between me and thee and will
multiply thee exceedingly do you know
what a covenant is a covenant is a
promise verse three and Abraham fell on
his face and God talked with him saying
as for me behold my covenant is with
thee and thou shalt be a father of many
nations and thou shalt be a father of
many nations you know when you talk to
the 501c3 businesses masquerading as
churches they'll say the Israelis over
in the Middle East are Abraham's
children well where's all these many
Jewish nations
where are they can you count them uh one
is one many No so where are these many
nations of Abraham I say they're in the
United States England Europe Greece
that's what I say and if ye be Christ's
then are ye Abraham's seed and heirs
according to promise right verse five
neither shall thy name any more be
called Abram but thy name shall be
Abraham for a father of many nations
have I made thee where's all these many
nations boy I tell you what you want to
get you want to get kicked out of church
well the 501c3 business ask the pastor
this don't not privately ask this in a
Bible study when there's a bunch of
people around and watch them turn green
you know they they will change the
subject so fast oh well we'll get back
with you
we'll get back with you on this next
thing you know they'll kick you out for
a father of many nations have I made
thee and I will make the exceeding
fruitful and I will make nations of thee
and kings and Kings shall come out of
thee and I will establish my covenant
between me and thee and I seed after
thee in their generations for an
everlasting covenant to be a God unto
thee and to thy seed after thee now let
me ask you a question what nations what
group of people have been blessed upon
above over and above all the other
people that world I mean let's face it
Somalians and blacks in Africa and
Central Africa they're all flocking to
Europe why why do they want to leave
their third-world countries to flock to
Europe why you don't see American blacks
wanting to go back to Africa do you I've
never I have not ever heard of not one
know everybody in Asia wants to come to
America or or they want to come to
Europe Africa the same thing Mexico they
all want to come to all these white
countries why you look at all the great
inventions of the last 200 years the
the car the airplane the electricity the
manufactory creation of electricity by
by whatever means you know by a damn
they they took a damn and ran a water
through a turbine and created
electricity and the Telegraph the
telephone air conditioning refrigeration
all these things were invented by white
people I mean virtually 90 some percent
of all the great inventions were
invented by white people Germany
invented the printing press a guy named
Gutenberg the first thing he printed was
the Bible he didn't print gay porn okay
let's face it the personal computer
computers they were you know created in
America the electronic computers IBM you
know was this was IBM from Africa from
Mexico from Ecuador Bolivia Brazil no I
mean let's face it they took all the
industries and they moved him to China
but that was not because of how smart
they are they did it because of cheap
labor because they don't want you to
have a job why are they promoting all
this race-mixing you know now that's a
thing have you noticed there I mean I go
to stores now I've been to I went to a
car dealership
there was no White's working there at
all zero it was all blacks and Hispanics
and I've seen a lot of the cities they
are promoting hiring just blacks I mean
I seen one city
where they were hiring and they hadn't
hired a white manager in over ten years
not one I mean and let's face it white
women if if if a black guys got a good
job they'll probably marry him and
they're gonna have mixed-race children
which is what they want and Satan knows
this now if you start talking about this
stuff what are they gonna do they're
gonna call you a Nazi white supremists
racist I mean you know because guess
what if they cannot dispute this from
the Bible they have to throw out words
to shut you up but let's face it people
Adam is a racial description now the new
Strong's Concordance
has actually they've actually rewritten
it so that you don't make this
correlation anymore of course like I
said the largest Bible publisher in the
English world is owned by the company
that prints gay porn and the Satanic
Bible by the Church of Satan authored by
a nice Jewish boy what can I tell you
so who opposed Jesus let's take a look
now please remember something in Genesis
chapter 6 the Fallen Angels came down
and tried to pollute the holy seed and
destroy the race the racial bloodline
that's why God destroyed the world in
the flood and I've got an entire 12 or
15 hour Bible study on this that if
you're a serious student of the Bible
and you don't want to just read John
3:16 and say well God loves the whole
really God loves the whole world
let's go read numbers chapter 33 God
telling Israel and Moses what to do
numbers chapter 33 verse 53 and he shall
dis possess the inhabitants of the land
and dwell therein for I have given you
the land to possess it and ye shall
divide the land by lot for an
inheritance among your families and to
the more ye shall give the more
inheritance and to the fewer ye shall
give the less inheritance every man's
inheritance shall be in the place where
his lot falleth according to the tribes
of your father's he shall inherit but if
you will not drive out the inhabitants
of the land from before you we're
talking about the Canaanites here you
know the people that Abraham and Isaac
and Jacob didn't want their children to
marry but if you will not drive out the
inhabitants of the land from before you
then it shall come to pass that those
which ye let remain of them shall be
pricks in your eyes you know to prick in
your eye is it's a thorn it's like a
thorn that those which ye remain of them
shall be pricks in your eyes and thorns
in your side and shall vex you in the
land wherein ye dwell moreover it shall
come to pass that I shall do unto you as
I thought to do unto them do you know
God commanded Israel to utterly destroy
the Canaanites said don't marry him kill
all right let's go to Joshua 23 and
starting in verse 11 take good heed
therefore unto yourselves that ye love
the Lord your God else if you do and any
wise go back and cleave unto the remnant
of these nations we're talking about the
satanic even Athens even these that
remain among you and shall make
marriages with them and go in unto them
and they to you know make marriages if
you make marriages of these people
you're gonna have problems verse 13 well
let's read that again else if you do and
any wise go back and cleave unto the
remnant of these nations even these that
remain among you and shall make
marriages with them and go in unto them
and they to you know for a certainty
that the Lord your God will no more
drive out any of these nations from
before you but they shall be snares and
traps unto you and scourge 'as in your
sides and thorns in your eyes until you
perish from off this good land which the
Lord your God hath given you you still
think God once we're all you know
coca-cola Michael Jackson we are the
world we are the people God loves
everybody oh really
God doesn't like mixed marriages he
hates it all right no okay let's go to
the Book of Numbers chapter 21 verse 3
and the Lord hearkened means he listened
he heard and the Lord hearkened to the
voice of Israel and delivered up the
Canaanites and they utterly destroyed
them and their cities and he called the
name of the place whore mom hi
how about deuteronomy 2 verse 34
speaking of the Canaanites and we took
all the cities at that time and utterly
destroyed the men and the women of
little ones of every city we left none
to remain Deuteronomy 36 and we utterly
destroyed them as we did to sihon king
of Heshbon utterly destroying the men
women and children of every city why
they were satanic hybrids you know they
were satanic hybrids they were never
meant to be that's why God said don't
marry him have wars against them wipe
him out you don't hear this in churches
anymore but what I teach is what was
taught a hundred years ago in churches
before a Jewish guy he bought a
Christian of what used to be a Christian
publishing company Deuteronomy 7 of
verse 2 and when the Lord God shall
deliver them the Canaanites and when the
LORD thy God shall deliver them before
thee thou shalt smite them and utterly
utterly destroy them thou shall make no
covenant with them
no shew mercy unto them are you getting
the picture God hates this stuff hates
it Joshua 10 verse 40 so Joshua smote
all the country of the hills and of the
south and of the Vale and of the springs
and all their kings he left none
remaining but utterly destroyed all that
breathed as the Lord God of Israel
commanded Joshua 11:11 and they smote
all the souls that were there in with
the edge of the sword utterly destroying
them there
not any left to breathe and he burnt
Heiser with fire do you get the idea
that God didn't particularly care for
the Canaanites now please understand
where are the Canaanites today is there
any group of people running around
calling themselves Canaanites no
absolutely not
where do they go well in Ezra's day they
intermarried with the Israelites so what
do they call themselves today's well I
bet you they call themselves Jews
Christians Muslims preachers on TBN and
the 700 prophets of baile Club why would
you know the thing is that for the
Canaanites married into the the Jews
what do you think they're gonna call
themselves Canaanites no they're gonna
call themselves Jews right Jesus in
revelation 2:9 I know thy works and
tribulation and poverty but thou art
rich and I know the blasphemy of them
which say they are Jews and are not but
are the synagogue of satan' huh okay now
who opposed Jesus in John 5 verse 16 and
therefore did the Jews persecute Jesus
and sought to slay him because he had
done these things on the Sabbath day
verse 18
therefore the Jews sought the more to
kill him because he had not only broken
the Sabbath but said also that God was
his father making himself equal with God
how dare Jesus say that he's equal with
God you know I'm being sarcastic by the
way Brook John 7 1
after these things Jesus walked in
Galilee for he would not walk in Jewry
because the Jews sought to kill him huh
who opposed the Christians acts 923 and
after that many days were fulfilled the
Jews took counsel to kill him
Paul acts 23 12 and when it was day
certain of the Jews banded together and
bound themselves under a curse saying
that they would neither eat nor drink
till they had killed Paul whatever
happened to the Jews thou shalt not kill
huh acts 26 21 for these causes the Jews
caught me in the temple and went about
to kill me now what's a Pharisee a
Pharisee as a Jew Jesus in Matthew 23:15
Jesus speaking to the Pharisees woe unto
you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites for
ye compass sea and land to make one
proselyte and when he is made you making
twofold more the child of Hell than
yourselves do you know what compass
means it means to travel that's why you
got a compass it says north east south
west that's what you use the Trop travel
what's a proselyte it's a follower what
do you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites
for ye compass sea and land to make one
proselyte and when he is made he making
two fold twice he make him twofold more
the child of Hell than yourselves
1st Thessalonians chapter 2 in verse 14
you'll never hear this taught in church
oh the Romans killed Jesus really let's
read what Paul says for ye brethren
became followers of the Churches of God
which in Judea are in Christ Jesus
for ye also have suffered like things of
your own countrymen even as they have of
the Jews who both killed the Lord Jesus
and their own prophets and have
persecuted us and they please not God
and are contrary to all men forbidding
us to speak to the Gentiles that they
might be saved to fill up their sin sins
alway for the wrath has come upon them
to the uttermost do you know it's always
people that call themselves Jews that
are always behind the third world
immigration and if you look at it
oftentimes they're behind gun control I
mean they have no problems selling
giving American arms to the Israelis
over in the Middle East so that they
could fight Arabs oh they believe guns
are good then but you and me they don't
they don't want you us to have guns ah
no no no no no no that's because they
want to do to you
like they did to the Christian white
Christian Church in Russia and that's
exterminate them do you know that
millions and millions and millions of
Christians were white Christians were
murdered in Russia get the book behind
communism by author Frank Britton Bri
tto n it's a it's probably only fifty or
sixty pages very small and then look up
the names of the Jewish leaders in a
Jewish encyclopedia yeah and then
understand who opposed Jesus who was
behind the killing of Stephen who is
behind the killing of the Apostles who
was behind the killing of the prophets
of course I know the blasphemy of those
that say they are Jews and are not but
are the synagogue of Satan
where's the canaanites today they don't
call themselves Canaanites they call
themselves Christians Jews and Muslims
are you starting to get the idea of why
they want white genocide I do I
understand it perfectly so where is
white genocide in the Bible well let's
take a look
Jeremiah chapter xxxi 1 the word that
came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying
thus speaketh the Lord God of Israel
saying write the all the words that I
have spoken unto thee in a book for lo
the days come saith the Lord that I will
bring again the captivity of my people
Israel and Judah Israel and Judah you
see they're not the same people that I
will bring again the captivity of my
people Israel and Judah saith the Lord
and I will cause them to return to the
land that I gave to their fathers and
they shall possess it see this is going
to happen when Christ returns and glory
verse 4 and these are the words that the
Lord spake concerning Israel concerning
Judah for thus saith the Lord
we have heard a voice of trembling of
fear and not of peace
ask-ask II now and see whether a man
death travail with child wherefore do I
see every man with his hands on his
loins as a woman in travail and all
faces are turned into paleness pale miss
do you know what happens when your face
turns into paleness can Negros faces
turn pale no what did the Indians used
to call the white man pale face right
verse 7 alas for that day is great so
that none is like it for it is even the
time of Jacob's trouble
who is Jacob Jacob's name was changed to
Israel Adam and Eve Noah Shem Abraham
Isaac Jacob Jacob became Israel it is
the time of
Jacob's trouble but he shall be saved
out of it for it shall come to pass in
that day saith the Lord of Hosts that I
will break his yoke from off his neck
and will burst a bonds and strangers
shall no more serve themselves of him
but they shall serve the Lord their God
and David their King whom I will raise
up unto them therefore fear thou not o
my servant Jacob saith Lord neither be
dismayed o Israel for lo I will save
thee from afar and from thy seed from
the land of their captivity and Jacob
shall return and shall be and rest and
be quiet and none shall make him afraid
for I am with thee saith the Lord to
save thee though I make a full end of
all nations whither I have scattered
thee yet will I not make a full end of
thee but I will correct the emeasure and
will not leave thee altogether
woo daniel chapter 12 verse 1 and at
that time shall Michael stand up the
Great Prince which standeth for the
children of thy people and there shall
be a time of trouble such as never was
since there was a nation even to that
same time and at that time thy people
shall be delivered every one that shall
be found written in the book and many of
them that sleep in the dust of the earth
shall awake some to everlasting life and
some to shame and everlasting contempt
oh let's go to Matthew 24 and I guess
we'll start in verse 15 when you
therefore shall see the abomination of
desolation spoken of by Daniel the
prophet stand in the Holy Place whoso
readeth let him understand then let them
which be in Judea flee into the
mountains let him which is on the
housetop not come down to take anything
out of his house now this is talking
about the what they call the Great
Tribulation which the churches teach
that you won't be here for that because
we're going to be raptured out of here
in the pre-trib rapture
you know what if you are the children of
Israel you're gonna be the objects of
Satan's wrath which means they're wrong
and they lied let him which is on the
rooftop not come down to take anything
out of his house neither let him which
is in the field return back to take his
clothes and woe unto them that are with
child and to them that give suck in
those days but pray ye that your flight
be not in the winter neither on the
Sabbath day for then shall be Great
Tribulation which means trouble for then
shall be Great Tribulation such as not
was such as was not since the beginning
of the world to this time no nor ever
shall be and except those days should be
shortened there should no flesh be saved
but for the elects sake those days shall
be shortened then if any man shall Sandy
you lo here is Christ or there believe
it not for there shall arise false
Christ's and false prophets and shall
show great signs and wonders in so much
that if it were possible they shall
deceive the very elect behold I have
told you before wherefore if they shall
say unto you behold he is in the desert
go not forth behold he is in the secret
chambers believe it not
whereas the Lightning cometh out of the
east and shina theeven unto the West so
shall also the coming of the Son of Man
be for wheresoever the carcasses there
shall the Eagles be gathered together
immediately after the tribulation of
those days shall the Sun be darkened and
the moon shall not give her light and
the stars shall fall from heaven and the
powers of the heavens shall be shaken
and then shall appear the sign of the
Son of man in heaven and then shall all
the tribes of the earth mourn and they
shall see the Son of man coming in the
clouds of heaven with power and great
glory and he shall send His angels with
a great sound of a trumpet and they
shall gather together his elect from the
four winds from one end of heaven to the
tribulation people that's what's coming
not their pre-trib rapture but
tribulation the time of Jacob's trouble
and I think it's you people I think it's
Christians I think the white Western
Christians are God's chosen people the
churches teach that the Antichrist that
call themselves Jews that hate Jesus are
the chosen people but I think that's a
heresy so well I am on YouTube and I
have hundreds of hours of studies
hundreds of hours of studies on YouTube
I've got playlists I've got all kinds of
information if you want to know about
more about Abraham's covenants and his
seed or the angels that sinned or last
count I had over eight hundred some-odd
Bible studies many of them over an hour
long but if YouTube deletes me
I'm also on bitch shoot bi TCH ute all
you got to do is type in chaplain Bob
Walker you'll find me CH a PLA IM b OB
wal ke r so all right well this is
chaplain Bob Walker light of the world
ministries in John 8:12 jesus said I am
the light of the world he that followeth
me shall not walk in darkness but shall
have the light of Life and you're not
gonna find that light of life in a
kosher owned publishing company that
prints supposedly Bibles you're not
gonna find the Word of God there so all
blessings praise glory and honored to
the Lamb of God slain before the
foundation of the world net Lamb of God
has named Jesus and his precious name