Who is Jesus

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Who is Jesus Part 1

to those that were praying for me when I

had the carpal tunnel thank you well I
tell you what my hand aight really bad
even when I wasn't using it must have
had some really good prayer warriors out
there whoever of you that was all of you
praying for it because my hands fine now
but I'm in far fighting a cold so if I
best sound a bit congested you'll know
why you know every time I take a
vacation and I'm finding out I either
get injured or sick last summer I took a
week off was going to go protest with
the lone star for up in Pensacola for
Kent Hovind to be released my leg had
hurt really bad and I was talking my
sister who's a nurse registered her
nurse for 20 something years and I
described to her and she says well it's
one of two things that's just what were
I what is it well it's either a pinched
nerve or you've got a blood clot and
Jesus if it's blood clot and it gets
loose it'll become a stroke or it'll
kill you so she says you better get your
rear end to a emergency room well I did
and they did an ultrasound and they're
like no it's not a blood clot we don't
see nothing so you probably pinched a
nerve we got some new chairs at work so
that's probably me you know made in
China probably pinched a nerve or
something and it hurt I couldn't even
walk me I was limping around for you
know my whole vacation a week I didn't
do nothing you know I was hoping to go
out west and you know bought a 250
yamaha enduro motorcycle you know trail
bike street legal didn't get to use it
stayed home you know and then now this
I take a week's vacation and a couple
days before the vacation I get sick I
mean like a cold I mean come on what's
going on here you know so you know this
first time in a week I felt halfway
decent but at least my hands not hurting
so all right well I just want to thank
you all for keeping me in your prayers
and today's bible study is going to be
on Jesus who is he I'm kind of tired of
doing all these expose is about all of
Satan's evil and you know it's like you
know the gospel the good news Jesus
grace that's what I kind of think we
ought to be dealing with and focusing on
you know I just couldn't see Jesus doing
all the expose is that you know if he
was walking the earth today he wouldn't
be doing the things I'm kind of been
doing I mean yeah he would warn people
about he warned people about the 11 of
the Sadducees and the Pharisees which
was two different denominations of Jews
by the way but you know who is Jesus now
if you're Jehovah's Witness or a saw
somebody I know super William you know
who you are he calls them the Jehovah's
wit lists witl ESF witnesses because
they don't have their wits about them to
them Jesus is just an angel no a created
angel to a Buddhist he's just another
teacher to a Hindu um he's another Yogi
or perhaps if you say well you know
Jesus is God and they'll say well oh
yeah we thank you for telling us now we
have Brahmas god vishnu god shiva as god
um Harry Krishna is another God now
we've got Jesus that we got another one
all right you know
I've heard India has over a million gods
I don't know I never counted them all
but I'll take somebody's word for it so
now you tell about Jesus they got a mean
one you know like I say to a Buddhist
maybe another teacher you know to a
mormon doctrine and covenants say that
Jesus is Satan's brother seriously do
you want Satan's brother as your Savior
path to a Muslim Jesus is a sinless
profit we actually believe that he is a
prophet of the Lord of course he's a
bless ur importance than Muhammad
because Mahama came afterwards what can
I tell you but at least they honor him
as a prophet but that's where it ends
and to a Christian that's where it only
starts yes Jesus is a prophet but much
much more now if you're a Jew what is
Jesus well he is a depending upon which
rabbi you listen to he is either the son
of a prostitute named Mary they got
pregnant by when she was paid to have
sex with a Roman soldier named Pantera
or um what she got pregnant by having
sex with a demon named bill Zebub and
you know that is what they believe you
know because obviously if they thought
he was a god in the flesh well they
wouldn't be seems to be Jews they would
be Christians wouldn't they you know and
it kills me is that the Muslims believe
that Jesus is a Simmons prophet and the
Jews say Jesus is a sinful false prophet
and who do we support generally Zionist
Christians you know but if you're a
Christian who is Jesus is he
you know is there just one God and Jesus
is just a person that it achieved
Godhead you know and that's what a lot
of the a new which people believe they
believe that Jesus was just a man that
was one of the first if not the first to
discover his Godhead within him you know
we're all we all have the Godhead spark
within us and all we have to do is be
like Jesus and discover it within us
that is what they believe but I say the
Bible teaches something a little bit
different if you ask me in my opinion
all scriptures are going to come from
the King James Bible if you are a member
of a church that uses i believe the NSA
be the american standard bible i can
show you a verse that says his mother
and his father speaking about Joseph and
Mary C to the Enna's nasb Joseph was
Jesus's father and then they'll quickly
counter and say well that men's
stepfather well that meant stepfather
why didn't the right step father s tep
they could have put that word right in
front of father doesn't say that doesn't
know doesn't say that in the nasb but in
the King James it says Joseph and his
mother you see there's a difference
between Joseph and his mother and his
mother and his father or it's bothering
his mother there's a big difference
people might argue but that's the way it
is alright let's get started
well in Matthew 11 we read the following
the book of the generation or the race
the book of the generation of Jesus
Christ the New Testament was written in
Greek not Hebrew it doesn't say Yeshua
it says Jesus and yes there's no J but
I'll tell you what I know Greeks I know
Greek scholars I know Greeks that read
Greek and English and if you ask them
how to pronounce that name and they will
say Jesus that's what that will tell you
I've asked them I've talked to him many
of them not one or two I've talked to
greek orthodox church clergy scholars
people who devoted half their lives to
the gospel in Jesus Christ and they will
tell you matter of fact I had a couple
of them tell me that the Greek Orthodox
Church in America was actually
considering making their own translation
english translation of the New Testament
and I says well what happened nice as
well we looked the King James and we
decided we could not improve upon it so
that we dropped the idea you see even
they acknowledged they couldn't improve
upon the King James because if they
thought they could they could have done
so and these are people that speak
English angry okay the book of the
generations of Jesus Christ the Son of
David the son of Abraham oh yeah Matthew
11 now those of you that have never
bothered read Genesis you've really
robbed yourself because Genesis is the
foundation of the Bible I mean let's
face it it's the floor and the
and if you read john three sixteen for
God so loved the world that He gave His
only begotten Son that whosoever
believeth on him should not perish but
have everlasting life and if you think
that means everybody in the entire world
well I tell you what let's say you knew
what you had a close friend and his
father died and he says you know I want
you to come with me to the reading of
the will you know fine but the only
family is invited to the reading of the
will okay but you know they're gonna let
guests in they're not going to tell you
know I mean you know after all you know
your son and then you get there a little
bit late the lawyer is reading the first
part of the will before he just before
you got there and he says you know what
he says this this reading of the will is
for applies equally to all my children
no problem so you get there a couple
minutes late right after they read that
and your God your brother you brought
your friend and then they go down you
know with the wheel and they said you
know what I'm worth I've got five
children I'm worth five million dollars
I'm giving each one of I'm giving each
one of you an equal share of my five
million dollars what happens when your
friend jumps up in the chair and says
I'm rich I'm rich I'm rich we're just
gonna look at him like crazy wait a
minute you're not you know this isn't
your money oh but but you just read
right here in the will it says every one
of us gets an equal share of the money
oh yeah that's what I said so I'm rich
I'm rich I'm rich but the thing was who
was the will written to foreign amount
his children well the Bible is the book
and the children of the generations of
Adam and then when it through Shem and
then went through Noah okay Noah and
then through Shem and then it goes and
it ends up with Abraham Genesis 17 5
Gina God is speaking digg Abram neither
shall thy name be called I'm sorry
neither shall thy name any more be
called Abram but thy name shall be
Abraham for a father of many nations
have I made thee ask your pastor where's
all those Jewish nations and you'll have
a fit and then in when you go down to
verse 9 Genesis 79 and God said unto
Abram Abraham thou shalt keep my
covenant therefore thou and thy seed
after thee in their generations yeah
and when you keep reading Genesis 17
you're going to understand God had a son
with Hagar a concubine not with Sarah
his name was Ishmael most Bible scholars
will tell you that Ishmael is the father
of many of the Arabs who took up Islam
for the Muslim religion so let's take a
look at that real quick all right let's
go to Genesis 17 15 and God said unto
Abraham as for Sarai thy wife thou shall
not call her name Sarah but Sarah shall
be shall her name shall her name be and
I will bless her and give thee it's not
also of her yay I will bless her and she
shall be a mother of Nations one Jewish
nation in the Middle East doesn't equal
nations one is not many and she shall be
a mother of Nations kings of people
shall be of her then Abraham fell upon
his face and laughed and said in his
heart shall a child be born unto him
that is in hundred years old and shall
Sarah that is 90 years old bear Abraham
said unto God oh that Ishmael might live
before thee no Abraham had gone in unto
Hagar the Egyptian woman and had Ishmael
a son I don't know he's probably 13 15
16 17 years old now right verse 19 and
God said Sarah thy wife shall darreth
son indeed and thou shalt call his name
Isaac and I will establish my covenant
with him for an everlasting covenant and
with his seed or chill
and with his seed after him and as for
Ishmael I have heard thee behold I have
blessed him and will make him fruitful
and will multiply him exceedingly twelve
Prince's shall he beget and I will make
him a great nation but but God's not
being a a goat here but my covenant will
I establish with Isaac with Sarah shall
bear unto thee at this time at this set
time in the next year so basically the
Lord says you know what I'm going to
bless Ishmael but he's not the promised
seed Isaac it's going to be the chosen
seed now in Genesis 21 and verse 12
there was strife between Ishmael and
Isaac and Sarah Isaac's mother told
Abraham kick out kick kick out the Hagar
and Ishmael okay kick him out I don't
want any trouble and God said an Abraham
let it not be Grievous in thy sight
because of the lad see Abraham loved his
son Ishmael he loved him let it not be
Grievous nice site because of the lad
and because of thy bondwoman in all that
Sarah hath said unto thee hearken unto
her voice for an Isaac shall thy seed be
called and of course the Muslims will
deny and say oh see the Bible's wrong
but hey what can I tell you I believe it
every word alright Genesis 35 12 and the
land which I gave Abraham and Isaac to
thee I will give it and to thy seed
after thee will I give the land
Exodus 32 13 remember Abraham Isaac and
Israel see Isaac is going to have a son
his name is going to be Jacob and gods
and it changes named Israel remember
we're going to get to that remember
Abraham Isaac and Israel My servants to
whom thou swear it's by buying owned by
nose health and say it's none of them i
will multiply your seed as the stars of
heaven and all this land that i have
spoken of will i give unto your seed and
they shall inherit it forever all right
Genesis 2511 and it came to pass after
the death of Abraham that God God
blessed his son Isaac and Isaac dwelt by
the well la herro I hope I'm pronouncing
that right I guess I should have taken
Hebrew Bible College on Genesis 25-19
and these are the generations or the
race for the children and these are the
generations of Isaac Abraham's son Isaac
I'm sorry Abraham begat Isaac Genesis
2520 and Isaac was 40 years old when he
took Rebecca to wife the daughter of a
fuel the Syrian of pata Nana am the
sister to Laban the Syrian
um the word Laban which is where he got
his a wife Rebecca from you know Laban
Woodson is a name of a person i think
Laban was a cousin it comes from the
hebrew word 3836 from the Strong's do
you know the word Laban means white ooh
sounds racist doesn't it who white white
that's terrible Oh racist but then again
Adam is a racial description that has
you go back far enough it means kind of
the same thing all right Genesis 2521 so
he took Rebekah for what to wife and
then Isaac and treated the lord for his
wife because she was barren and the Lord
was entreated of him and Rebecca his
wife conceived and the children
struggled with in her children plural
more than one and she said if it be so
what why am i thus in other words what
in the world is going on that would be
the Bob modern Bob translation and she
went to inquire the Lord and the Lord
said unto her two nations are in thy
womb and two manner of people shall be
separated from my bowels and the one
people shall be stronger than the other
people and the elder shall serve the
younger now there's a whole bunch of
people that'll say Oh Jacob was a
horrible deceiver and less than that and
the other but you know what right here
the Lord said two nations are in your
womb two different people two manner a
people shall be separated and the elder
is going to serve the younger well he's
all came out first Jacob comes out
second so
he saw it's going to serve Jacob and
wonder days to be delivered were
fulfilled behold there were twins in her
womb and the first came out red all over
like a hairy garment and they called his
name Esau and Esau has reference to
being read now there's only two groups
or race the racial groups of people that
are read the American Indians and unless
you're a Mormon and you believe the Book
of Mormon and say these people are
Indians or Caucasians because when
Caucasian babies are born a lot of times
they're red okay I mean let's face it go
to Africa you see any red babies running
around no um how about if you go to
China or Japan no sounds racist Tom all
right and the first came out red all
over like an hairy garmin and they
called his name he saw and after that
his brother came out in his hand took
hold on Esau's heel and his name was
called Jacob and east Isaac was three
score years old when she bear him and
the boys grew and Esau was a cunning
hunter a man of the field and Jacob was
a plain man dwelling in tents and Isaac
loved Esau because he did eat of his
venison but Rebecca loved Jacob and he
could read the rest of the story about
how Jacob supposedly tricked Esau and
selling his birthright but you know the
thing was he saw despised his birthright
I don't want to get into a big to-do
about it because you know you start
doing these bible studies they could end
up being many many many hours but the
first born in the Bible the firstborn
was to be the Lord's and there's a verse
in the Bible that says that every
everyone that openeth through the womb
the first one belongs to the Lord and
the firstborn especially the firstborn
son was to take care of the parents and
for doing that you know not going to
college or you know not getting married
and running off and you know learning a
trade or whatever trying to earn their
first million they were supposed to the
ol eldest was supposed to stay home and
take care of the parents but because he
did that the oldest was always to get a
double portion double portion of the
inheritance okay well you can read here
he saw sold his inheritance of the Lord
a gift a gift that the Lord gave him and
if you want to know more about this I've
got an entire playlist on my main page
on my channel you go hit my playlist
Abraham's promises um you know covenant
Abraham's covenant ake a look at it I
mean there's not that many playlist but
we go into this in detail but basically
Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of
bean stew I guess we ought to read that
huh all right
and Jacob SOG pottage basically beans
too and Jacob came from the field and he
was fain and he still said Jacob feed me
I pray thee with that same red pottage
for I'm thing therefore was his name
called Edom Jacob said sell me this day
thy birth right you know he probably you
know Jacob probably knew that Esau
didn't care anything about his
birthright that the Lord the gift that
the Lord had given him so and Jacob said
sell me this day thy birthright and he
saw said behold I am the at the point to
die oh I'm think I i haven't eaten since
breakfast and i miss lunch and now it's
past late for dinner time and i'm hungry
and he saw said behold I am at the point
to die and what prophet shall this
birthright do to me in other words what
good is this stinking lousy gift from
God I don't want it Jacob said swear to
me this day and he swear on dome and he
sold his birthright unto Jacob then
Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of
lentils a bowl of freaking beans and he
did eat and drink and rose up and when
his way the seesaw despised his
birthright can you imagine God gives you
a gift think about it you um you gonna
lose it you know maybe it's somebody's
birthday or something or you know
somebody get me to go off to college and
you know you um you find out their size
of what they'd right where you know and
find out their favorite color and then
you pick up either a nice dress or a
nice coat or sweater you know something
a jacket nice something nice and
expensive you're gonna win it really
expensive store you pick something out
and it looks really nice
give it to that person and they look at
it and he like I don't want this garbage
they watered up and throw it you know
throw it in the mud your feelings gonna
be hurt huh can you imagine how God must
feel he gave he saw the gift of the
birthright and esau sold it for a bowl
of lentil beans let's see what the Lord
says about Esau now I got another
playlist who are the sons of God Genesis
6 the Angels that sinned and if you
don't know it Genesis 6 the sons of God
the Angels that sinned when you get down
with that 13 or so 15 hours study you
will have no problem understanding that
those were angels and the Giants the
Philistines they were tied in with the
Canaanites but not all the Canaanites
were giants and if you don't know it
Abraham and Isaac both warn their kids
not to marry of the Canaanites of course
you listen to Kent Hoban it's because
the Canaanites like two had sex with
animals that had nothing to do with
angels it's because they had sex with
animals and they were spreading animal
diseases by having sex and that's why
God said to wipe him out oh and and
people look up to him as being a great
Bible scholar I think i sticked
evolution Genesis 26 34 and Esau was 40
years old when he took the wife Judith
hmm Judith the daughter of beer I the
Hittite and backing fashion off the
daughter of you on the Hittite Hittites
were a member of the Cainites tribe
so here it is Esau despised his
birthright and then he goes marries into
the Canaanites and like I say go through
my entire study and it's not all my work
some of it belongs to mike hoggard some
of its might work some of its the guy
that found at the colorado christian
college I think it was Denver Bible
College back then I forget his name
Clifton Fowler but it's like 15 hours of
study of scriptures and anybody wants to
tell you that now now now angels can't
have sex well you know what that seems
best kept secret he doesn't want you to
know that they Devils have children on
this earth you know in Johnny 44 when
Jesus told a certain group of people
that they were of their father the devil
he wasn't just calling them names he was
telling the truth he even said that
region 8 sometime and when you get to
844 845 846 he says I tell you the truth
and you believe me not so okay all right
and Genesis 28 8 and he saw seeing that
the daughters of Canaan pleased not
Isaac his father then what he thought on
to Ishmael and took under the wise which
he had Mahal off the daughter of Ishmael
Abraham's son and sister of lipid off to
be his wife so he saw not only married
Canaanites but he intermarried with the
line of the Ishmaelites there's an
interesting verse i was going to skip
over it but Jeremiah 49 10 but I have
made Esau bear
I have uncovered his secret places and
he shall not be able to hide himself his
seed you know in the Bible if they're
talking about people when they talk seed
they're talking children people if
they're talking about plants well then
they're talking seed okay matter of fact
in the Greek you know what the word seed
is sperma it's where we get the term
sperm SP erm and I don't want to make
any crude references but what kind of
tell you it's where we get the word
sperm from and then the Greek is just
with mega on the end of it for the
pronunciation his seed is spoiled and
his brother and his neighbors and he is
not all right let's see now no but I I
want 18 so not only did Esau sell his
birthright and despise the gift that God
gave him he also intermarried with the
Satanic see lon Obadiah 118 and the
house of Jacob shall be a fire and the
house of joseph a flame and the house of
Esau for stubble stubble is garbage that
you burn look it up I'm not making this
up and the house of Jacob shall be a
fire and the house of joseph a flame and
the house of Esau first double and they
shall kindle in them and devour them and
there shall not be any remaining of the
house of Esau for the LORD hath spoken
it you know according to josephus a
jewish historian that was a contemporary
in the days of Jesus he said King Herod
they heard you know the haired Kings the
ones that you know tried to kill all the
children of Bethlehem
the Rodians he said they were edomites
yeah the ones that built the temple
little boy about this in Malachi let's
go to Malachi one I mean this is pretty
heavy duty stuff the burden of the Lord
the burden of the word of the Lord by
Israel to Malachi this is Old Testament
people I have loved you say it the Lord
now this is the burden of the word of
the Lord to Israel no Isaac had Jacob
and Jacob's name was changed to Israel
but we're not talking about them we're
talking we're talking about his brother
his elder brother Esau who is Edom I
have loved you stay at the Lord yet ye
say wherein has that loved us was not
Esau Jacob's brother saith the Lord yet
I loved Jacob and I hated esau and then
there's the idiots it'll tell you well
the word hated means really what it
means is he loved him less um that's you
know when you look up the word hated you
know it's like these things do the Lord
hate of lying tongue feet that are Swift
running the mischief hands that shed
innocent blood they'll try to tell you
oh well that's the same you know that's
the same word but if they're it means
hatred but here it means love less so
the Lord loves less people at murder the
Lord loves less people that lie people
that steal people they're proud know the
word is hatred people the scholars of
the king j
his Bible knew the word hatred in Hebrew
and what it meant when it was translated
into English hatred means hatred and I
hated esau and laid his mountains and
his heritage waste in the Bible the
Bible says that a man's heritage are his
children remember he saw married into
the Canaanite seed line and I hated esau
and laid his mountains and his heritage
waste for the Dragons of the wilderness
whereas Edom he saw as you don't like
and show you another place whereas Edom
say if we are impoverished but we return
and build the decimal places thus saith
the Lord of hosts they shall build but I
will throw down and they shall call them
the border of wickedness and the people
against whom the lord hath indignation
forever do you know what forever means
it's same word basically when I start
talking about eternal life you know it
doesn't mean a long time it means
forever and if you don't know what
indignation means if you look it up it's
a special type of hatred it means an
extreme hatred indignation is one of
those twenty dollar words you know when
you say you know I hate that person no
no I have indignation that means extreme
hatred the people against whom the lord
hath indignation forever oh yeah it
ain't pretty people in Romans
o 9 13 we read as it is written Jacob
have I loved but Esau have I hated Paul
confirms pol confirms what you know what
the Lord said alright go to Hebrews
chapter 12 oh let's see Hebrews 12 14
follow peace with all men and holiness
without which no man shall see the Lord
boy I tell you I hope I had some
holiness within the me look diligently
lest any man fall of the grace of God
lest any root of bitterness springing up
trouble you and thereby many be defiled
lest there be any fornicator or profane
person as Esau who for one morsel of
meat sold his birthright for you know
how that afterward when he would have
inherited the blessing he was rejected
for he found no place for repentance
though he sought it carefully with tears
oh ya think you think he saw you know
and then there's people that'll tell you
oh he saw can be saved do you know that
when Jesus was confronted when he um I
don't know if you remember when during
the trial of Jesus when the Jews went to
the garden and they had the temple guard
arrest Jesus and took him and they had
the trial the Sanhedrin the Jewish
Sanhedrin then they took him to Pilate
and then when Pilate heard that Jesus
was of Galilee he says all well I don't
want to be bothered with this garbage so
he sent him to hear it let's take a look
at that
now there's some those either don't know
it there's a group of people call
themselves British Israel and they
believe and I believe rightly so that
the British people the England you know
Europe that those people are the
descendants of the Lost Tribes the ten
tribes lost ten tribes of Israel those
people though believe that the people in
the Middle East they call themselves
Jews now some of them are some of them
are not that they're brothers of theirs
but then you have people that are called
identity Christians and those are
Christians that know what the meaning of
Galatians 3 29 is Paul's wrote and a V
be Christ's then are ye Abraham's seed
and heirs according to the promise those
people understand that they are indeed
those in faith in Christ are indeed the
children of Abraham but you know Ishmael
was a son of Abraham but yet he was
rejected Isaac was the son of Abraham
and he had two sons Jacob Israel and
Esau and Esau was rejected so this is a
very important thing and like I say
understanding the seed line people the
Christian identity people the difference
between them and the British is real
people as they understand the seed of
the serpent thing of what happened in
Genesis 6 and if you understand what
happened in Genesis 6 after the flood
the Canaanites the Giants and you
understand who Israel is who are the
children of Abraham Isaac and Jacob
those in Christ
the Bible those two keys unlock the
Bible they really do but if you listen
to Jewish fables and modern Bible
versions no the Bible talks about people
that are ever learning and never able to
come to the knowledge of the truth well
that may as well be the Mormons or the
Jehovah's Witnesses or whatever or your
friendly demon nomination ille
dispensational pre-trib rapture Zionist
Baptist Church for all you know it
doesn't matter alright Luke 23 this is
after the trial of Jesus in by the Jews
the Sanhedrin and then they're bringing
him the pilot be killed Luke 23 1 and
the whole multitude them arose and led
him on to Pilate Jesus and they began to
accuse him saying we found that fellow
perverting the nation from bidding to
give tribute to Caesar saying that he
himself is Christ a king see they were
lying the Jews were lying here didn't
Jesus Jesus said show me the penny
matter of fact let's look that up right
now alright Luke 20 the Jews come to
Jesus trying to trick him Luke 20 21 and
they asked him saying master we know
that thou sayeth than t just rightly
they're trying to flatter him right
neither except us now the person of any
but teaches the way of God truly yeah
try to flatter Jesus is it lot for us to
give tribute unto Caesar or no tribute
is taxes pay taxes but he Jesus perceive
their craftiness and said unto them
white empty me show me a penny whose
image and superscription hathon in other
words whose picture and who's writing is
on this they answered said Caesars
and he said unto them render therefore
unto Caesar the things that he Caesar's
and unto God the things which be gods
now I don't know if you know it i am
sure pilot had his spies watching Jesus
carefully I mean after all he had five
at least 5,000 people following him at
one time and you want to make darn sure
he's not trying to stir up trouble in
your territory you know so you send
spies there to listen to the guy what is
he teaching what is he saying you know
is he planning a revolt with Jews or
what so I'm sure that pilot spies were
there I meaning if you're a politician
that's what you do and let's face it the
there were two different groups I think
it was the FBI and the DEA and they were
infiltrating I think it was the Klu Klux
Klan or Nazi Party or whatever whatever
and they try to arrest each other
because they were all under cover so you
had the DEA in the FBI they weren't
talking to each other and they had all
both infiltrate of this group but there
were more FBI agents amor de age and so
there were members of the this group I
forget if it was clue Klux Klan or you
know the Nazi Party or whatever and you
know they all shot and killed each other
you know here does their life DEA FBI
DEA FBI drop your weapons you drop your
weapons but the thing was there were
more government agents there than there
were members what does that tell you you
know nothing's changed in thousands of
years all right so here's the deal back
to Luke 23 2 and they began to accuse
him saying we found this full of
perverting the nation and forbidding to
give taxes or trivia the Caesar saying
that he himself is Christ a king
now pilot probably knew this was a lie
because his spies had reported to him
and you wouldn't send one spy you would
send two or three and you would make
sure they don't know each other so they
don't get together and lie to you in
case they have sympathies for toward
Jesus you want people that don't know
each other and if you've got three or
four people there they all tell you the
same thing well guess what they're
probably telling the truth would you get
three or four people and they all tell
you different stories well you know
somebody's lying and you know you need
to do a little bit more investigating
right and Pilate asked him saying art
thou the King of the Jews and he
answered and said thou sayest it in
other words are you the King of the Jews
if you say so then said pilot to the
chief priests into the people I find no
fault in this man and they were the more
fear saying he stirs up the people
teaching throughout all jewelry
beginning from Galilee to this place
when Pilate heard of Galilee he asked
whether the man was were a Galilean and
as soon as he knew that he belonged on
to Herod's jurisdiction according to
Josephus Herod was nita might he sent
him to Herod who himself was also at
Jerusalem at that time and what Herod
saw Jesus he was exceedingly glad for he
was desirous to see him of a long season
because he had heard many things of him
and he hoped to have seen some miracle
done by him you better believe Herod
also was hearing about all these
miracles or you know maybe he thought
Jesus is just some magic trick to this
day the Jews teach that Jesus was a
master of the Kabbalah which is
witchcraft and Satanism and magic I say
no I say Jesus with God the Son and
that's how he did his miracles but
alright so here it is Herod wanted to
see Jesus do a magic trick for it you
know it's like oh yeah Jesus is here
let's have him put on a magic show for
us and he hoped to have seen some
miracle done by him then he questioned
him in many words but he answered him
nothing do you realize Jesus said
absolutely nothing Jarrod but he
answered him nothing and the chief
priests and scribes did and via mentally
accused him then Herod with his men at
war set him at not for nothing and
mocked him and raid him in a gorgeous
robe and sent him again to Pilate so
he's hoping to you see a magic show
Jesus isn't speaking he's not going to
do any magic tricks so they they mocked
him they made fun of him and then they
send him back to Pilate the same day
Pilate and Herod were made friends
together for before they were at enmity
or hatred between themselves so now when
people tell you that it was Herod in the
Romans had killed Jesus let's keep
reading verse 13 and pilot when he had
called together the chief priests and
the rulers and the people said unto them
ye have brought this man unto me as one
that perverted the people and behold I
having examined him before you have
found no fault in this man touching
those things where of ye accuse him nor
no nor yet Herod for I sent you to him
and low nothing worthy of death is done
unto him I will therefore chastise him
or whip him and release him for of
necessity he must release one unto him
at the feast and he cried and they cried
out all at once sang away with this man
realest release into his Barbara
Barabbas who for a certain
sedition that's treason made in the city
and for murder was cast into prison
Pilate therefore willing to release
Jesus spake again to them and they and
they cried saying crucify him crucify
him and he pilot said again I'm sorry
said unto them the third time Why What
evil hath he done I have found no cause
of death in him I will therefore
chastise him and let him go and they
were instant with loud voices requiring
that he might be crucified and the
voices of them and of the chief priests
now there's another one there's another
verse I forget it's a Matthew or mark
where it's at but the Jews accused pilot
of treason before Caesar if he let Jesus
go and I don't know if you knew it but
treason was punishable by death because
they were saying well Christ says he's
this Jesus says he's a king and only
Caesars the king so if you let him if
you let this guy go that says he's a
king you're doing treason against Caesar
and your life is in danger so they
falsely accused Jesus of being an
earthly King because that wasn't his
mission at this time and threaten pilot
with possible death if they didn't if he
didn't kill Jesus see pilot three times
tried to let him go so when you hear
these Jewish fables that it was the
Romans and pilot that had Jesus murdered
no I don't think so no unless of course
you want to just deny the Bible totally
all right Jen this is 28 one all right
so Abraham has Isaac rejects Ishmael
Isaac has two children Esau is rejected
and Jacob let's read about Jacob and
then we're probably going to close out
this would be part 10 we're just
building a foundation here people and
this is 21 and Isaac called Jacob and
blessed him and charged him and said
unto Him thou shalt not n 0 T they'll
not take a wife of the daughters of
and your modern demon nomination alert
world will tell you that well that's
because you know oh they were all waked
not because they were part of the fallen
angels really out of all out of out of
all the people of the Canaanites there
there wasn't one single person at the
time that was decent and godly you know
alright so let's keep going turn to
Genesis 32 let's see where we're going
to start it Genesis 3224 and Jacob was
left alone now this is Esau's brother
Isaac son Abraham's grandson and Jake
was left alone in there Russell two men
with him until the breaking of the day
and when he saw that he prevailed not
against him he touched the hollow of his
thigh and the hollow of Jacob's thigh
was out of joint and he wrestled with
him and he said let me go for the day
breaketh and he said I will not let thee
go except thou bless me and he said on
him what is thy name and he said Jacob
and he said thy name shall be called no
more Jacob but Israel for as a prince
that has power with God and with men and
has prevailed and Jacob asked him and
said tell me I pray thee thy name and he
said wherefore is it that thou dost
asked after my name and he blessed him
there and Jacob called the name of the
place Peniel for I have seen God face to
face and my life is preserved so is this
just a mere man he was wrestling with
was this an angel was this Jesus and his
pre incarnate form there's a lot of
theories I don't want to say either way
but this was no ordinary man and he
blessed he blessed Jacob
and who could pronounce blessings except
for God himself or an angel that had
been charged with doing that for the
Lord so I don't think about it and as he
passed over penny old the Sun rose upon
him and halted pontus thigh where for
the children of Israel is really none of
us in you which shrank which is upon the
hollow of the thigh under this day
because he touched the hollow of Jacob's
by in the thin you that shrank alright
so Jacob's name is changed to Israel
right okay go Genesis 35 and verse 9 and
God appeared unto Jacob again when he
came out of padana rim and blessed him
and God said unto him thy name is Jacob
by name shall not be called anymore
Jacob but Israel shall be thy thy name
and he called his name Israel and Israel
has reference to Prince or rules with
God you know rules with God Prince of
God depending upon who you talked to so
Jacob's name has changed to Israel we've
heard that name many times haven't we
and Jacob is going to have the twelve
tribes oh yeah alright turn to exit is
63 and I appeared unto Abraham unto
Isaac and unto Jacob by the name of God
Almighty but by my name Jehovah was I
not known to them verse 8 and I will
bring you into the Land concerning the
which I did swear to give it to Abraham
to Isaac and to Jacob and I will give it
you foreign heritage i am the lord see
to Isaac to Jacob which became 12 tribes
of Israel one of those tribes was the
tribe of Judah and guess who is of that
tribe Jesus
the Strongs word for Judith is one of
the meanings is praised so there were
twelve tribes and one tribe is called
Judah that's where they get the slang
word Jew and that's where what tribe
that Jesus came from because there were
twelve tribes Judah was to be the tribe
of the Kings Levi was to be the tribe of
the priests they were the ones that
served in the temple performing the
sacrifices and you're going to find out
later down the road that jesus is our
high priest see there were twelve tribes
each drive had their own special purpose
and their own prophecies the tribe of
Judah was to be the king tribe of Kings
King David King Solomon they were all of
the tribe of Judah alright well I've
been ranting and raving for an hour I
think I'm gonna cut this off right here
and now and make this like I say part 1
do you know we haven't even hardly
started we haven't even started with
Jesus yet you know we're just doing the
background this is like introduction you
know but it's important people you know
the oh and by the way Judah he married a
Canaanite woman but that's not where
Christ linage came from Judah had two of
two women at least two women that I
remember a pure Israelite woman and a
Canaanite woman who
alright well this is a chaplain Bob
Walker light of the world ministries
jesus said Johnny 12 I am the light of
the world he that Bob with me shall not
walk in darkness but shall have the
light of Life in Jesus name Amen
okay this is going to be part 2 of who
is Jesus we are going into we covered
Abraham covered Isaac we covered Jacob
who became Israel and now we're going to
cover Jacob's children now I had twelve
sons and he had some daughters too but
the twelve tribes are the twelve sons of
Jacob now a lot of people think well you
know it's all Jews the people in the
Middle East that call themselves Jews
that's it but there's a lot of
prophecies that the Bible said that
would happen during their lifetimes in
the future and in the latter days in
Genesis 29 35 this is a Leah the one of
the wives of Jacob Israel Jacob was
tricked he wanted Rachel but the brother
of Rachel tricked him and gave him Leah
and then he had to work extra longer to
get the girl that he really loved so he
had it two wives and 2 handmaids which
were kind of like concubines but you're
kind of like wise but that wasn't really
you know Leah really wasn't his fault
and the old the brother that's um gave
the his daughter his lungs his sister
I'm sorry to uh Jacob Israel you know he
didn't want the oldest Leah to be left
out I guess you could say so you know
you could read it on your own but in
Genesis 29 35 and she conceived began
embarrassin and she said now will I for
raised the Lord therefore she called his
name Judah and left fairing the word
Judah means praise isn't it interesting
that Jesus came from the tribe of Judah
it means praise praise Jesus right
Genesis 3523 the sons of Leah Reuben
Jacobs firstborn and Simeon and Levi
Levi was the tribe of the priests they
were the ones that did the temple
worship the animal sacrifices Moses and
Aaron were Levites of the tribe of Levi
and Judah and iski char and zebulon all
right so now let's see oh boy now in
Genesis 38 this is where things get bad
genesis 31 and it came to pass at the
time that judah went down from his
brethren and turned into a certain a
doula bike whose name was hurrah Hiram
and Judas saw that there was a daughter
of a certain k night whose name was shua
and he took her and went in unto her and
she conceived embarrass on and he called
his name air air like error I don't know
and she conceived again embarrassing and
she called his name onan and she yet
again conceived embarrass on and called
his name Sheila and he was at jerez when
she bury him now the Canaanites were of
the lineage of the fallen angels Genesis
6 the Angels that sinned why Satan and
his helpers hate that doctrine but I
tell you what I got about a 15 hour
playlist on it when you're done can't
deny it the Giants do not come when
godly men marry ungodly women I'm sorry
but and they don't have six fingers and
six toes and the Canaanites were tied in
with these people Judah was to be the
tribe of the kings of which the Messiah
was going to come and who did he marry a
Canaanite now the thing is about the
Keen lives if they were fathered by the
Angels as I'm positive they were you
know the angels were beautiful so you
better believe the Kenan I women were
probably gorgeous and if you know
anything about men women men are very
visual when it comes to women men do
judge a book by it's cover sadly
a man would take a good-looking woman
over a plain looking woman that had a
good heart a lot of times at least when
they're young and women you got your
problems to I've seen so many women that
married a man just for his money even
Christian women I used to do weddings
and I knew a girl she said she was a
Christian Jew and seemed like a nice
girl this is what long before I knew any
of the stuff on you now this is probably
at least ten years ago she is marrying a
jew an accountant and you know I told
her I was like well you know he's not a
Christian you're gonna marry him she
goes yeah I love him I'm like well you
know what's going to happen is your kids
are going to get a certain age probably
you know 12 years old and he's gonna
want to teach them Judaism he's not
going to want to teach them about Jesus
and you guys will probably get divorced
he'll get a Jew lawyer a Jew judge
they'll take the kids from you and your
kids will be Jews not Christians and she
looked at me and you know she kind of
like shrugged her shoulders and she says
well but I love him and I asked her a
question would you love him if you as
much as if he was a dishwasher and now
I'm not an accountant making six figures
and she just kind of looked at me in
this as well let's go do the wedding you
know what can you do but that's the way
things are people you know I quit doing
the wedding's it's cursed not a blessing
if you ask me people been married seven
times between the two kids crying I want
my daddy because mommy divorced their
mother or their mother divorced their
daddy because he wanted to be the man of
the house and she wanted to be the man
of the house
and then she goes marries another never
mind Genesis 38 6 and Judah took a wife
for air as firstborn whose name was team
are and air Judas firstborn was wicked
in the sight of the Lord and the Lord
slewing Lords have I've had enough of
this cane and I woman's son boom dead oh
yeah all right now there was a law in
the Bible that if a son married a woman
and didn't have any children that the
sons brother would go in under the woman
and raise up children for his brother I
don't want to get into it but I'm just
pointing it out for those either don't
know the law a lot of people call me
lawless you know Christians call me
legalist because they say you keep too
much in law and then the Torah observant
Hebrew roots heretics call me lawless
but I know the laws better than they do
really I think I do I don't know maybe
I'm maybe I'm being prideful I don't
know but I've spent thousands of hours
studying this book verse 9 and owned and
knew that the sea would not be his and
it came to pass when he went into his
brother's wife that he spilled it on the
ground lest he should get seed to his
brother for those of you that don't
understand and I'm not trying to be
crude but he's doing his brother's wife
and he pulled it out just before it was
time to orgasm and he spilled the seat
on the ground in other words he and
never mind I think adults know what he's
talking about and the thing which he did
displeased Lord wherefore he slew him
also the Lord is not real happy with the
family if you ask me
then said Judah to tame are his
daughter-in-law remain a widow at my
father's house until she loved my son be
grown for he said less per Avenger he
died also his brother did and tamer went
dwelt in her father's house so here does
Judah is like wow Lord killed two of my
three sons all right so and then the
process is time the daughters of shua
Judas wife died and Judah was comforted
and went up to his sheep shears to Tim
Tim knopf and he and his friends here ax
the ax dolemite and it was told Tamar
saying behold my father-in-law goeth to
tim annarth to bear shear his sheep and
she put her widow's garment off from her
and covered her with a veil and wrapped
herself and sat in an open place which
is by the way to Tim not for she saw
that she loved was grown in she was not
given unto him to wife so due to knows
full well be you know two times out of
two times he's given these women to this
pure blooded Israelite woman and the
Lord killed both of them and his wife's
now dead and he you know it's his last
son so he doesn't want to take any
chances given this son this waked
Canaanites unto his thumb this purebred
Israelite woman I'm sure all right verse
15 when judah saw her he thought her to
be a harlot a prostitute right because
she covered her face ok when Judith saw
her he thought her to be a and harlot
because she had covered her face he
turned on her her by the way and said go
to I pray thee let me come in unto thee
or he knew not that she was his daughter
in law so here it is Judith in the mood
to have a little
fun his wife's dead and you know I'm
sure she she covered her face but I'm
sure the rest of her body was showing
and he says hmm nice looking package you
know this is probably how it works right
I'm not trying to be crude but this is
how guys think trust me I know
especially the unsaved ones all right so
and she said what will now give me that
Velma is coming unto me and he said I
will give the akid from the flock and
she said wilt thou give me a pledge till
they'll send it you know in other words
you know what are you gonna give me as a
guarantee you know you say you're gonna
give me a kid from the flock you know
but where's the kid you know you're not
where is it oh well all right well they
give me a guarantee and he said what
pledge will i give thee and she said thy
signet and my bracelets and my staff
that is a nine hand and he gave to her
and came in under her and she conceived
by him so here it is pure blooded
Abraham Isaac Jacob Judah Jacob Israel
Judah went under damar a pure-blooded
Israelite woman went in unto her and she
conceived this is Christ linage right
here people not the Canaanites and she
arose verse 19 and she arose winter Wade
and later veil from her and put on the
garments of her widowhood and Judah sent
the kid by the hand of his friend the ax
doula Mike to receive his pledge from
the woman's hand and he found her not he
asked the men of the place saying
where's the harlot that was openly by
the wayside in other words where's this
prostitute at me and they said there was
no harlot in this place and return to
Judah and he returned a few tunes that I
cannot find her and the men of the place
that there was no harlot in this place
and Judah said let her take it to her
lest we be shamed behold I sent this kid
and now has not found her and it came to
pass after about three months after that
it was told you to saying Tamar by
daughter-in-law hath played the harlot
and also behold she is with child by
whoredom and Judah said bring her forth
and let her be burnt you hypocrite Judah
you go into a unto a harlot and bang her
you know but Tamar gets pregnant and you
want to kill her and she was brought
forth and she said to her father-in-law
saying by the man who's these are am I
with child and she said discern I pray
thee whose are these the signet the
bracelets and staff so she brought out
the things that were Judas and said I'm
pregnant by them by thieves the man that
these belong to and Judah acknowledge
them and said she have been more
righteous than I because that I gave her
not to Sheila my son and he knew her
again no more oh yeah so Judah was going
willing to kill her for being up whore
but he was a whoremonger but that's okay
right guys were stud but a woman's a
whore isn't that how it works even today
ah verse 27 and it came to pass in the
time of her travel that behold twins
were in her womb whoo
and it came to pass when she derailed
but the one put out his hand and the
Midwife pumpkin bound upon his hand the
scarlet thread sang this came out first
and it came to pass as she drew back his
hand that behold his brother came out
and she said how has they'll broken
forth this breach be upon me therefore
his name was called Farrah's and
afterward came out his brother that had
the scarlet thread upon his hand and his
name was called Zara hmm you see Christ
didn't come through the Canaanite line
loved you of Judah very important I know
the modern demon nomination alert world
will say oh well it doesn't matter
anybody could be safe cuz God loves
everybody except for Esau God hated
right hello boy and then when you go to
the next chapter you're going to read
about Joseph in Egypt now we're starting
to get into a meat and potatoes turn
your Bibles to Genesis 49 in verse 1 and
Jacob called his sons and said gather
yourself together that honey tell you
which shall befall you in the last days
here's some prophecy from Jacob Israel
gather yourselves together that I may
tell you that which shall befall you in
the last days gather yourselves together
and here these sons of Jacob and hearken
unto Israel your father bremen thou art
my firstborn my might and the beginning
of my strength the excellency of dignity
and the excellency of power unstable as
water thou shalt not Excel because thou
wentest up up to thy father's bed and
file a stout it he went up to my couch
Ruben had sex with one of his father's
wise was it his fault I don't know but
I'll tell you what when you when your
oldest son starts checking out women
probably a good idea to find him a wife
right all right Genesis not 4095 Simeon
and Levi are brethren instruments of
Cruelty are in their habitations like I
said Levites were the tribe of the
priests they were the served the Lord in
the tabernacle and a temple for 60 my
soul come not thou into their secret
under their assembly my honor be not Val
United for in their anger they slew a
man and in their self will they dig down
a wall curse it be their anger for it
was fears and their wrath for it was
cruel i will divide them in jacob and
scatter them in israel so Simeon and
Levi were to be scattered in Israel now
the Levites were you know they weren't
all just together I mean you know they
were scattered among Israel you know
doing the not just the temple worship
but you know leading people in the
synagogues and what have you I'm sure
they were the scribes the copies of the
law and anything that had to
tane with God's work that was Levi's job
but this is not a study of Levi per se
all right oh let's see verse 8 now we're
getting into the meat potatoes Judah
there are he whom thy brother shall
praise Christ right that's what Judah
means praise thy hand shall be in the
neck of thine enemies thy father's
children shall bow down before thee
Judah is a lion's whelp remember Jesus
is called the Lion of the tribe of Judah
Judah is a lion's whelp from the prey my
son thou art gone up he stooped down he
crouched his line and as an old lion who
shall rise him up the scepter the
scepter is a symbol of royalty for kings
verse 10 the scepter shall not depart
from judah nor a lawgiver from between
his feet until shiloh come that's a
reference to Christ we're gonna look in
that in a second until shiloh come unto
Him shall the gathering of the people be
this is a reference not just in Judah
but you know Christ who's going to come
from Judah binding his fall onto the
vine and his ass's colt under the choice
vine didn't didn't Jesus ride into
Jerusalem on the foal of an ass bindings
fallen to the vine in his ass is called
unto the choice vine and the vines is
row by the way he washed his garments in
wine and his clothes in the blood of
grapes people when you read the book of
Revelation this is this language right
here the blood of grapes washed his
garments in wine which is
in the blood this is right this is right
there I don't know maybe I should go
into it his I shall be read with wine in
his teeth white with milk alright let's
take a look at Shiloh yeah let's let's
take a look at Shiloh now the work
Shiloh is from Hebrews 7 8 86 and it has
reference to he whose it is that which
belongs to him tranquility so you know
he whose it is whose is it Christ what
belongs to him everything belongs to
Christ tranquility didn't Jesus say you
know keys he's going to give us peace
that's what tranquility is
let's continue reading this is a really
interesting thing because Jacob Israel
is telling everybody what's going to
happen in the last days right let's see
we are starting at 13 zebulon shall
dwell at the Haven of the sea and he
shall be and haven of ships and his
border shall be undecided on this guitar
is a strong ass crouching down between
two burdens and he saw that rest was
good in the land that it was pleasant
and bowed his shoulder to bear and
became a servant unto tribute dan dan
shall judge his people as one of the
tribes of Israel dan shall be a serpent
by the way an adder in the path that
bite of the horse heels so that his
rider shall fall backward I have waited
for thy salvation o Lord GAD a troop
shall overcome him but he shall overcome
at the last out of a sure his bread
shall be fat and he shall yield royal
dainty's that's like Danish pastries
people naftel a is a hind let loose he
giveth goodly words Joseph is a fruitful
bough even a fruitful bough by oh well
whose branches run over the wall the
archers have surely grieved him and shot
at him and hated him but his bow a bow
to strengthen the arms of his hands were
made strong by the hands of the mighty
God of Jacob from fence is the Shepherd
the stone of Israel and Christ is rock
people if you don't know that not Peter
even by the God of thy father who shall
help thee and by the almighty who shall
bless thee with blessings of heaven
above blessings of the deep that life
under blessing of the breast and of the
Moon the blessings of my father have
prevailed above the blessings of my
progenitors unto the utmost bound of the
everlasting Hills they shall be on the
head of Joseph and on the crown the head
of him that was separate from his
Benjamin shall Raven as a wolf in the
morning he shall devour the prey and at
night he shall divide the spoil all
these are the twelve tribes of Israel
now do you think all these these
prophecies can all belong just to the
Jews know the people that call
themselves Jews no no let's face it
people these are all separate prophecies
all these are the twelve tribes of
Israel that is in that their fathers
taken to them and blessed them everyone
according to his blessing he blessed
them and he charged them and said unto
them I am to be gathered unto my people
bury me with my father's in the cave
that is in the field of beef on the
Hittite in the cave that is in the cave
of Mac flaw which is before mum rang in
the land of Canaan which Abraham brought
with the field of it from the hip for
possession of a bearing place there they
buried Abraham and Sarah's wife there
they buried Isaac and Rebekah his wife
in there I buried Leah the purchase of
the field of the cave that is their
animals from the children of Heth when
Jacob had made an end of commanding his
sons he gathered up his feet in the vet
yielded up the ghost and was gathered
unto his people so Judah hand was beyond
the neck of his enemies his father's
children wrote about out before him he
was to be like a lion and he was to be
the purple tribe of kings because a
scepter shall not depart from judah nor
lawgiver from between his feet until
shiloh come and on him shall be the
gathering the people be now people who
does that apply to
who are the enemies think about it who
are the enemies of Judah it's in Christ
of Judah who are the enemies of Christ
today who are the enemies of Christ
2,000 years ago those who listen to me
you know full well who I'm talking about
and he said his hand Jude his hand would
be on the neck of those enemies do you
know those people were expelled from
every country in Europe at one time or
another I believe the children of Judah
the true children of Judah are Germans
or at least some of them this is my
opinion okay German Kings have ruled
almost all almost at one time or another
all the countries in Europe I mean
Sweden Denmark Norway England King
George the first didn't even speak of
England who was of the the king when
Americans when they marry coves the
British colony he didn't even speak
English he was German the current royal
family in England they're all Germans
Kaiser Wilhelm the king of England and
the king of Russia and World War one
they were not just cousins they were
first cousins first cousins can you
imagine that first cousins I mean the
royalty in England Germany sometimes
friends Spain Russia they were all
German kings at one time or another yes
and it only made this prophecy only
makes sense if Germany is Judah was
Germany first in war
they had their hand on the neck and the
enemies who invented the printing press
Gutenberg a German who printed the first
Bibles the Germans you ever wonder why
the Antichrist the people that i'm
referring to why they hate germany why
they're flooding germany with the flood
of Muslims oh yeah oh yeah look at the
heraldry in Germany the lion figures
prominently on their on their flags and
on their there heraldry their coats of
armor a lot and you know it's kind of
interesting look at old ancient Hebrew
and look at the old ancient German
Germanic script or their alphabet and
then compare them take a look they look
very very similar modern German script
doesn't but the old ancient German
script looks very much like Hebrew I was
in Germany in the Army in the 70s and
you know I learned a little bit and I
remember some of it and then when I
started learning some German Emmy nom
hebrew bible college and my studies on
the Bible the sounds are very similar
matter of fact while the words are
similar or the same you know that's why
I think German is derived from hebrew
and english is probably twenty-five to
thirty-five percent German you know so I
don't know there's a connection there
now there's a lot of people tell you oh
Germany's the Assyrians well part of
Judah not Jerusalem but the southern
Judah was taken into captivity by the
and then the Babylonians came along and
conquered Jerusalem because they the
Syrians didn't conquer Jerusalem but
they conquered parts of judo and then
when Babylon came along and destroyed
Assyria the Israelites and Judah took
off they went into an area called the
Caucasus Mountains that's where they get
the word Caucasian sorry black Hebrews
you don't even count and then they went
up into Europe and you know what ancient
Israel disappears at the very time
period that the Europeans appear
coincidence the Jews would have you
think so oh yeah in The Book of Numbers
127 those that were numbered of them
even at the tribe of Judah were three
score and fourteen thousand and six
hundred um that's sixty seventy four
that's over 74,000 people and that was
back in Moses's day people that's just
one tribe ok let's see in numbers 29 all
that were numbered in the camp agudah
were an hundred thousand and four score
thousand and six thousand four hundred
throughout their armies be shall set
first set forth so there was over a
hundred thousand a hundred and sixty
thousand of the tribe of Judah in
numbers 29 that was what 4,500 years ago
or so 4,000 years ago
and then and they want us to thank a few
million Jews or all of Israel I don't
think so Deuteronomy 30 37 and this is
the blessing of Judah and he said here
Lord the voice of Judah and bring him
unto his people at his hands be
sufficient for him and be thou and help
to him from his enemies
according to blue letter bible the word
Judah occurs 813 times that's a whole
lot of a lot a lot a lot of and we're
barely worked Wow we haven't even gotten
out of the books of Moses you know the
five first five books of the Bible
judges 12 and the Lord said Judah shall
go up behold I have delivered land into
his hand and Judah said unto semi and
his brother come up with me unto my lot
that we may fight against the Canaanites
you know those are the people that the
modern church world wants to give
salvation to let's see come with me come
up with me unto my lot that we may go
that we may fight against the Canaanites
and I'll I guys will go with thee into
thy lot so Simeon went with him and Jude
went up in the Lord delivered the
Canaanites in the perizzites into their
hand and they slew that means killed and
they slew of them in be Zach 10,000 men
judges 18 now the children of Judah had
fought against Jerusalem and had taken
it and smitten it with the edge of the
sword and set the city on fire verse 9
and after where the children of Judah
went down to fight against the key
nights and dwelt in the mountain and in
the south and in the valley are you
starting to get the idea here Lord
didn't like the Canaanites I know the
modern church world wants to offer them
salvation but that's not what the Bible
teaches that's why they tell you people
don't read the Old Testament oh that's
for the Jews don't read it I had
preachers tell me that before I knew
better before I when I still used to
listen to those Satanists all right turn
the 2nd Samuel 310 the Lord speaking to
translate the kingdom
of Saul King Saul to translate the
kingdom from the house of Saul and to
set up the throne of David over Israel
and over Judah from Dan even to
Beersheba alright so the house of David
of them crisis is descended in the flesh
is you know he's going to be king a lot
of you don't know what um after David
came Solomon and then after Solomon
Solomon son took over and there was a
division in the kingdom northern Israel
split off from the southern kingdom of
Judah and they went their own way and
eventually the Lord divorced northern
Israel and that's in Jeremiah 38 I
believe and then in the book of Hosea
God made a promise to remarry them well
what do you think the marriage supper of
the lamb is you know people just they
think the bible is a Jew book and I'm
sure there is a remnant of Jews but you
know there the Bible's Book of Israel
Abraham Isaac and Jacob from beginning
to end really
all right listen to this so the king of
Israel I'm sorry 1st Kings 2229 let's
see well we could do go to 1st Kings 20
22 and it came to pass in third year
that Jehoshaphat the king of Judah came
down to the king of Israel see they're
not the same now first Kings 22 verse 10
and the king of Israel and Jehoshaphat
the king of Judah set each on his their
throne on his throne having put on their
robes and avoid place in the entrance of
the gate of Samaria and all the prophets
prophesied before them 1st Kings 22 and
verse 29 so the king of Israel
Jehoshaphat the king of Judah went up to
ramoth gilead all right so are you
getting the idea there was a division
between Israel and the king of Judah
alright certain Kings 819 we read yet
the Lord would not destroy Judah for
David his servants sake as he promised
him to give him alway a light and to his
children see God divorced Israel but he
wouldn't destroy Judah for David his
servants sake alright so you know then
this is the kind of stuff that you'll
never read or hear in a church
absolutely never you want to read about
Judah and Israel having war against each
other you can read second Kings 14 if
you go to verse 12 and Judah was put to
the worst before Israel and they fled
every man to their tents there are more
people they're at war you know they
fought against each other oh let's see
all right let's keep going here all
right good second Kings chapter 17 verse
verse 13 second king 17 verse 13 yet the
Lord testified against Israel and
against you to buy all the profits and
by all the seer saying turn you from
your evil ways and keep my commandments
my statutes according to all the law
which I commanded your fathers and which
I sent to you by my servants the
prophets skip down to 18 therefore the
Lord was very angry with Israel and
removed them out of his sight there was
naught left but the tribe of Judah only
verse 19 also jutsu kept not the
commandments the Lord their God but
walked in the statues of Israel which
they made in other words Israel did what
they wanted to do and Judah did it the
same thing so getting the idea
God was not happy with her role he was
not happy with Judah either alright
Judah in kings had gone into apostasy
turn the second Kings chapter 23 and
verse 1 this is king josiah i believe
and the king sent they gathered unto him
all the elders of judah and of jerusalem
and the king went up into the house of
the Lord all the minute you turn all the
inhabitants of Jerusalem with him in the
priests and the prophets and all the
people both small and great and he
readily errs all the words of the book
of the Covenant which was found in the
house of the Lord and the King stood by
a pillar made a covenant for the Lord
why would wish we had a president like
that today and the King stood by a
pillar made a covenant before the Lord
of walk after the Lord and to keep his
commandments and his testimonies and his
statues and with all their heart with
all their soul to perform the words of
this covenant that were written in his
book and all the people stood to the
Covenant and the comedian king commanded
Hilke I had the high priest in the
priests of the second order and the
keepers of the door to bring forth out
of the temple the Lord all the vessels
that were made for bail bail was a false
heathen satanic God all the vessels that
were made for bail and for the grove and
for all the hosts of heaven the fallen
angels and he burned them without
Jerusalem in the fields of Kidron and
carry the ashes of them unto Bethel and
he put down the idolatrous priests when
he means he put them down he didn't give
a bus ticket out of town he killed them
and he put down the idolatrous priests
who the kings of Judah had ordained to
burn incense in high places to the
cities of Judah in the place places
round about Jerusalem them also that
burned incense in the bail to the Son
and to the moon into the planets and to
all the hosts of heaven and he brought
out of the group of the house of the
Lord without Jerusalem to under the
brook Clyde wrong and burned it at the
brook Kidron and stabbed it into powder
into small power and
Hampton small to powder and cast the
powder there on upon the graves of the
children of the people and he break down
the houses of the sodomites that were by
the house of the Lord with women wove
hangings for the Grove and he brought
the priests out of the city of the Judah
and defile the high places where the
priests had burned incense from giba de
Beer sheba and break down the high
places of the gates that were in the
entering and of the gate of Joshua this
governor the city which were on a man's
left hand at the gate of the city
nevertheless the priests of the high
places came not up to the altar of the
Lord Jerusalem but they did eat of the
unleavened bread among their brethren
and he defiled toe fifth witches in the
valley of the children of Hinnom the new
name might make his son or his daughter
to pass through the fire to Molech
mullick was of another satanic God and
they burned their children alive did you
catch that the King break down the
houses of the sodomites San Francisco
would have been in big trouble this guy
would have been living today and when he
break down the houses i'll guarantee you
they were inside the house you know he
didn't just break down their houses and
ask them to leave and this is the king
that the Lord loved okay
this guy knew how to take care of
sodomites and Satan worshippers would to
God we had somebody like that today
instead of what we have in the white
house in washington DC all right up
second Kings 2326 notwithstanding the
Lord turn not from the fierceness of his
great wrath we're with his anger was
kindled against Judah because of all the
provocations that Manasseh had provoked
him with all Manasseh was awakened king
and the Lord said I will remove Judah
also out of my sight as I have removed
Israel and will cast off the city
Jerusalem which I chosen and the house
of which I said my name shall be there
well this was fulfilled in the days of
Babylon now the rest of the acts of
Josiah all that he did are they not
written in the book of the chronicles of
the kings of Judah now if you go to the
next chapter let's see second Kings 24 2
and the Lord said against him bands of
the Chaldees and bands of this of the
Syrians in bands of the Moabites and
bands of the children of Ammon and sent
them against Judah to destroy it
according to the word of the Lord which
he spake by his servants the prophets he
could almost be said and the Lord sent
the Muslims against the children of
Israel for defiling and forsaking him
couldn't that be just about same thing
happened today in Europe in America oh
yeah but people don't think what
happened in the Old Testament applies
today with the New Testament one God
just love everybody praise the Lord
praise Jesus what would Jesus do you
would grab a whip of cords and cast the
money changers out of the temple that's
what he did
didn't play pattycake with them patty
cake patty cake baker men no all right
well the I'm going to I'm going to cut
this short and make this part two and
just remember Christ comes from the
tribe of Judah and we're going to go
more into that soon enough so it's
chaplain Bob light of the world
ministries John 812 jesus said I am the
light of the world he that followeth me
shall not walk in darkness but shall
have the light of Life all blessings
praise glory and honor to Jesus who is
the Christ the Lamb of God slain before
the foundation of the world in Jesus
precious name amen